Why violence against women in Scotland is an epidemic

Article here. Excerpt:

'The problem she says is that many arms of government, and beyond, consider the issue to be a "gender-neutral problem” which hides the specific nature of women's disproportionate victimisation by men. “Can men be victims and women perpetrators? Yes of course,” she says. “But if you define domestic violence saying anyone can be a victim or perpetrator, it ignores that women are disproportionately victimised and men are disproportionately the perpetrator. If you come at if from a gender-neutral angle you will never change it. It's like hitting a pool ball at the wrong angle - it goes into a pocket but the wrong one.”'

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The Patriarchy Paradox

Video here.

'If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear' (George Orwell). Use it or lose it.

The statements and opinions in this video are not necessarily agreed or authorised by Eton College or its subsidiary companies.

I haven't tried to be original in this talk. The references, in chronological order throughout the talk, are below. I would recommend Steven Pinker's 'The Blank Slate' or Debra Soh's 'The End of Gender' if you're keen to learn more.

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UK: 800 Etonians in revolt after teacher is sacked for questioning radical feminist dogma on 'toxic masculinity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'It's said that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton. Two centuries later, Britain's most venerable school has become a battleground in the War on Woke.

On one side is English teacher Will Knowland, who was fired after standing up for his belief that students need to hear a broad range of opinions.

On the other is headmaster Simon Henderson, who sacked him for gross misconduct amid the fallout from a lecture about the nature of masculinity.
Mr Knowland's sin was to question the current radical feminist orthodoxy. In September, he created an online lecture called The Patriarchy Paradox examining the prevailing idea of 'toxic masculinity'.

In it, he argues that science and history offer evidence that masculine virtues such as strength and courage can be beneficial to women, the family and society.

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Pope says women leaders 'better' than men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Pope Francis says countries with female leaders have handled the Covid-19 pandemic better than others and that he has increased the number of women in decision making roles in the Vatican because they are “much better administrators than men”.

The Jesuit Pope made his remarks in a new book that sets out his vision for a post-Covid world with a strong focus on social, economic and political issues.
“I chose these particular women because of their qualifications but also because I believe women in general are much better administrators than men,” he said of the financial council appointments, which included former UK cabinet minister Ruth Kelly. “They understand processes better, how to take projects forward.” He said that from his time in Argentina, he realised that “the advice of women in pastoral and administrative councils was more valuable than that of many men.”'

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They cheat, walk out on you or just want sex – why we hate men

Article here. Excerpt:

'“I’LL admit it: I hate men. All of them really! Yes, the whole lot of them.”

Those were the words of French blogger Pauline Harmange, 25, in her provocative online essay, I Hate Men, which was published this year.

Needless to say, she received a torrent of online abuse. Harmange argues that men beat, rape and kill women. Men don’t listen.

Men don’t do enough housework. Men don’t care about their partners’ sexual satisfaction. The list goes on.

Her book of the same title is published in the UK tomorrow, and her blunt words, while controversial, are starting to gather support from some women who agree that men can be awful.

Three women tell Samantha Brick why the opposite sex has them seething.'

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UK: New equalities commissioner attacked ‘modern feminism’ and #MeToo

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the government’s newly appointed equality commissioners said that modern feminism disempowers women and blamed the MeToo movement for ruining men’s reputations without due process, the Observer can reveal.

Jessica Butcher, a successful digital entrepreneur, was last week appointed as one of four new commissioners at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) by Liz Truss, the minister for women and equalities.
In a talk in 2018, Butcher said: “Feminism, like other forms of identity politics, has become obsessed with female victimhood. Whereas it once used to be about the portrayal of women as mature, equal partners in society, it now seems more to be about girl power – and yet it disempowers, assumes that we’re weak and defenceless, like children.”'

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‘Kill All Men’ Response: Bold Statement Brings Awareness to the Oppression of the Patriarchy

Article here. Excerpt:

'The hyperbole “Kill All Men” is a verbal manifestation of deep-rooted distrust in the power structure that puts rapists in our courts and gender roles in our homes. Although the mainstream media often misinterprets the slogan, it’s not actually about women wanting any individual or group to die. It’s about women vocalizing their anger as a way to trivialize traumatic experiences, typically with cisgender men. “Kill All Men” should be seen as a cry for the death of the patriarchy, not as a cry for blood.

Part of processing these traumatic experiences is allowing oneself to feel intensely, and while it’s not good to spread hate, releasing tension by joking with friends does help victims. Coping with trauma through dark humor — or ironic misandry in this case — isn’t a bad thing, but emotional suppression can be. Suppressed emotions always find ways to manifest themselves, and can end up perpetuating cycles of violence.

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UK: Charity calendar that promotes 'healthier masculinity' has athletes posing nude

Article here. Excerpt:

'A group of athletes have stripped off in a series of very daring images for a charity calendar that promotes 'healthier masculinity' in sports.
Angus talked about what motivated him to make the calendar in more detail.

'We’re all still living with the rules and repercussions of male privilege – what academics call hegemonic masculinity,' he said.

'If you’re born straight, white, male and socially privileged, you still have a massive head start in life. Any other group that tries to get a seat at the table is accused of misguided 'identity politics', which makes no sense.
In previous years, the calendar has focused on challenging homophobia in sporting culture by inviting mainly heterosexual sportsmen to strip off as a gesture of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.'

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UMass prof: We don’t say White male composers’ full names because of ‘inequity’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Christopher White, a professor of music theory at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, stated that the music world should “fullname” all composers to smooth inequities between White men and female, non-White artists.

In an op-ed for Slate, White noted that musicians refer to the last names of composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach — all of whom are Western Europeans — while they use the full names of women and “composers of color” like Alma Mahler, Florence Price, and Henry Burleigh.
He sees fullnaming as “a small act in the face of centuries of harm and injustice,” yet he believes that “by adopting a stance of referential egalitarianism, fullnaming at least does no more harm.”

White’s comments come in the wake of universities revising their music theory curricula to fight the influence of alleged systemic racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.

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Is gender equality shortchanging boys in churches, schools and other American institutions?

Article here. Excerpt:

'While parents in general believe institutions serve their children well, many are worried the majority, like churches and schools, have been serving their daughters better than their sons under norms of gender equality, new research suggests. And the only institutions where at least white parents believe boys are served slightly better are sports and other clubs.

Data from the 2020 American Family Survey, released in September, show that a striking minority, just 36%, of parents believe churches are serving their sons well. This share is almost equal to the 33% who say the same about how the criminal justice system is serving their sons. A minority of parents also believe churches are serving their daughters well but that number is five percentage points higher at 41%.

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Two Female Marines In The Brig For Assault Are Claiming They Did It Due To Trauma From Rape

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two female Marines being held in the brig on charges of assault are claiming they only committed the crimes because they were previously raped. Activists are currently calling on the Marines to be released and that they need mental health services, not punishment.

The Marine Corps Times reported that Cpl. Thae Ohu “allegedly attacked her then-boyfriend with a knife and threatened to kill him” and later “allegedly violated a protective order.” An opinion piece for the Military Times argued that Ohu previously had been sexually assaulted and had post-traumatic stress disorder, which resulted in the mental breakdown that caused her alleged attack on her boyfriend, who does not appear to be the man who assaulted her.

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Duke sorority council bans events with male groups

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Panhellenic Council at Duke University voted to ban chapters of member sororities from hosting “mixers” with all-male organizations, vowing to place chapters that violate the rule on social probation.

The Duke Panhellenic Association “unites women across 10 chapters” of various sororities and is the "largest unified body of undergraduate women at Duke University.”

According to a post on the Duke Panhellenic Association’s Instagram page, the Panhellenic Council voted to ban mixers with all-male organizations to focus on women’s empowerment. The post states that all-male organizations cause concern amongst other groups due to gender dynamics and the objectification of women.

The post defines mixers as “exclusive events between organizations.”'

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Appeals court rejects suit from Drake student expelled for sexual assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Drake University student expelled for sexual assault failed to convince a federal appeals court the school was biased against him because he is a man.

Thomas Rossley Jr. was expelled a month before he would have graduated in the spring of 2016. A female student told authorities she accompanied Rossley to his fraternity house, blacked out and woke up on a beanbag chair to find Rossley having sex with her.

She filed a sexual assault claim the next morning, but Rossley was never charged with a crime.

Rossley sued the university after his expulsion, accusing them of failing to investigate his claim that the female student sexually assaulted him, and that the school failed to accommodate his learning disability during the hearing process.'


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‘Ardently feminist’ Title IX offices promote hookup culture while presuming male guilt: report

Article here. Excerpt:

'When it comes to federal enforcement of Title IX, past is prologue. And it’s clear how a Biden-Harris administration would approach the subject: the same way the Obama-Biden administration did.

Paired with a radical feminist culture within university Title IX offices, the 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter decimated due process for accused students in sexual assault investigations, according to a report by the National Association of Scholars.

Those who staff these Title IX offices lack legal experience but conduct and rule on internal investigations while promoting a philosophy of “sexual hedonism,” report author Teresa Manning, policy director at NAS, said on a webinar in late October.

She’s a former law professor who more recently served in the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services.'

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NY woman charged for allegedly fabricating rape story

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Fredonia, N.Y., woman faces a false report charge for allegedly drumming up rape allegations to cover an affair.
Police undertook further investigation and “obtained some leads on an alleged suspect.” That subject was identified and that person’s image matched the composite sketch from the FBI. The possible suspect’s DNA was also discovered as a result of the rape kit submitted to the crime lab.

That individual was called in for an interview and “denied the sexual contact was nonconsensual” and provided Facebook messages as evidence.'

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