Ramsey woman gets suspended sentence after false rape allegation

Article here. Excerpt:

'Married Marianne Naughton, 25, from Ramsey, made the accusation after the pair had sex after a drunken night out in Douglas in November 2019.

She pleaded guilty after a police investigation later found she had given false details about the incident.

Deemster Graeme Cook told Naughton "people need to come clean".

He said lying to police "goes against the root of society", while telling Naughton to "move on with her life" and "not to drink as much".'

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Democrats have a man problem

Article here. Excerpt:

'As Democrats investigate what went wrong in the 2021 elections and what is going wrong heading into the 2022 elections, a familiar pattern is emerging: Men are abandoning the party in droves.
So why are men leaving the Democratic Party?

Perhaps it is because the entire Democratic agenda seems designed to make men irrelevant, and men have begun to notice.

Consider the slideshow Biden’s White House released to promote their Build Back Better agenda this October. Very similar to a slideshow produced by President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign featuring a fictional “Julia,” Biden’s “Linda” goes through life with new Democratic programs helping her along the way.

We see Linda pregnant with her son “Leo,” but Leo’s father is not mentioned. We then see Linda benefit from an expanded Child Tax Credit, government-subsidized daycare, and government-run Pre-K, but no man shares in their life. It is as if fathers didn’t exist.

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"The Beauty Tax"

Feminists have suggested men be made to pay more in taxes because of our "privilege". We've heard similar suggestions along racial lines too from some self-appointed social reconstructionists.

This YT vid is about a Japanese movie that imagines a world where attractive women are made to pay a tax because of their "beauty privilege". You quickly see how ridiculous things become when the matter plays out.

Video here.

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Women Face More Stress At Work Because They Are Better At Keeping To Deadlines Than Men, Study Says

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that women face more stress at work because they are better at keeping to deadlines than men. The study defines “time stress” as “having too many things to do and not enough time to do them.” According to the study, women experience disproportionately higher time stress than men.
On an individual level: if a deadline is flexible and you might need more time, ask for it. Managers should check in regularly with stressed out team members to ask if a deadline extension would help, where possible.

On a company level: Organizations can implement formal policies to facilitate deadline extension requests, making it easier for employees to ask for more time to get work done.'

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It’s a (wo)man’s world: Women are ‘better’ leaders in times of crisis, agri stakeholders say

Article here. Excerpt:

'From climate change to the COVID pandemic, the agriculture sector is facing no shortage of crises. As such, conversations increasingly revolve around the need to increase the sector’s resilience.

These commonly centre on the need to reduce farmers’ reliance on external inputs, improve the long term viability of the sector or shorten the supply chain, all of which are outlined as key priorities in the EU’s flagship food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy.

But for Shima Barakat, director of the entrepreneurship for sustainability programme at the University of Cambridge, the research suggests that these conversations should also factor gender into the equation.

“Are women sustainability leaders? At this point in time, I think the simple answer is yes,” she told a recent event, highlighting that there is a wealth of studies conducted both before and after the COVID pandemic to suggest that women are “better leaders during times of crisis”.'

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Governor Hochul Signs Legislation Addressing Labor and Healthcare Inequalities for Women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Governor Kathy Hochul today signed legislation addressing several challenges facing women and people of color. These bills address labor and health inequalities, from ensuring proper menstrual care is accessible, to promoting more women and minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.

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Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter after repeatedly advising NJ man to ‘kill yourself’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman who allegedly pushed a New Jersey man to take his own life with a barrage of texts reading “go kill yourself” pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter Thursday.

Former Boston College student Inyoung You, 23, received a 2 1/2 year suspended jail sentence and 10 years of probation, meaning she can avoid prison by completing her probation.

You, a native of South Korea, sent Alexander Urtula, 22, of Cedar Grove, 47,000 texts over the last two months of their relationship, prosecutors said. She “repeatedly told the victim that he should kill himself or die and waged a campaign of abuse that stripped the victim of his free will,” according to officials.

Urtula died of suicide on the day of his Boston College graduation.'

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UK: Female deputy headteacher and safeguarding officer convicted of 18 child sex offences including rape

The female deputy head and lead of safeguarding at a church school, along with her partner, repeatedly filmed themselves abusing and raping a girl under the age of 13.

Individuals and organisations that resist attempts to acknowledge and discuss female perpetrators are partly responsible for people like this. They enable them getting into positions of trust and are culpable for a great deal of suffering of children and adults.

On the slightly positive side, ITV News at least is concentrating on the main perpetrator, even though it is a woman. That's a step forward from how the legacy media have been behaving for decades.

Julie Morris, Wigan deputy headteacher: article here.

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VP Harris Blames Negative Media Coverage on Not Being White Male: NY Times

Article here. Excerpt:

'Vice President Kamala Harris has told confidants that news coverage of her would be different if she were a white male, The New York Times reported.

Harris also has told friends that unmanageable issues — e.g. southern border crisis, voting rights — that she has tackled have created difficulties for her, the Times reported Thursday.

"I think it's no secret that the different things she has been asked to take on are incredibly demanding, not always well understood publicly and take a lot of work as well as a lot of skill," Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told the Times.'

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Academic Ideologues Are Corrupting STEM

An author writes with the experience of her own early life in the USSR, where communist “ideology permeated all aspects of life, and survival required strict adherence to the party line and enthusiastic displays of ideologically proper behavior.”

Men are being pushed out of STEM fields on the pretence that women (already in the majority unless one massages the data) need to be promoted and have special facilities for them.

The bullying of a 'mob' which includes those in positions of authority is described as an intrusion of newspeak into science and education that is truly Orwellian. Once again, it is left to men, and those who support them, to fight for sense, morality and science.

Full article here.

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Ditch white men of past, says UCL

Article here. Excerpt:

'Academics at University College London (UCL) are being encouraged to “check their privilege” and reconsider the number of courses that focus on “dead white men” if they want to secure a promotion.

The policy is part of a UCL initiative that is aimed at “challenging traditional Eurocentric, male-dominated curricula and ensuring the work of marginalised scholars on race, sexuality, gender, and disability are fairly represented in curricula”.

The document, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, suggests that researchers applying for lecturer roles should “demonstrate the impact” of their engagement with the institution’s Liberating the Curriculum initiative.'

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UK: Male prisoners' free family phone calls are scrapped - but women's aren't under MoJ decision

Article here. Excerpt:

'Free family calls for male prisoners have been scrapped – but women will keep the perk.
But the Ministry of Justice decided in October that men could do without their £5 phone credit, though women still needed the freebie.

A spokesman cited a higher rate of self-harm among female prisoners: a rise of two per cent in women's prisons compared to a 16 per cent fall in male jails in the year to June 2021.'

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Comparison of intimate partner violence injuries among sexes uncovers higher level of severity for male victims

Story here Excerpt:

'"Our findings are contrary to the general notion that violence perpetrated by women is not capable of causing severe injuries to their partners," said Bharti Khurana, MD, emergency radiologist and founding director of the Trauma Imaging Research and Innovation Center in the Brigham's Department of Radiology. "Moreover, men are less likely to seek help as they are less likely to recognize it as criminal, may see IPV as unmasculine, and fear being ridiculed."

Although roughly 33 percent of men experience IPV in their lifetimes, few efforts exist to recognize men facing this threat. Biases suggesting that IPV predominantly affects women may also cause medical professionals to overlook IPV-related injuries in male patients. While 35.1 percent of men in a previous study reported an injury severe enough for hospitalization, only 18.1 percent sought medical assistance, suggesting social stigmas may also dissuade men from seeking help.'

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To Even Out Gender/Race/Ethnicity Pay Gaps, Online Store ‘Suggests’ Higher Prices for White Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Compliance software solution provider Trusaic has opened the Pay Gap Store, an ecommerce shop that “suggests” prices for customers based on gender and ethnicity. The store sells a range of T-shirts, mugs and tote bags with the message, “Where’s my X%?” — where the value of “X” depends on each customer’s gender plus race/ethnicity and the associated pay gap.
The store doesn’t actually require customers to pay different prices. The suggested prices are based on each shopper’s profile, but everyone can choose to pay the lowest price if they prefer (in the above example, anyone could purchase the mug for $12.24). All profits from the store will be donated to an appropriate charity.'

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Tragic Star Hobson’s grieving great-grandfather slams ‘staggeringly soft’ sentences handed to the pair found guilty over her death

Article here. Excerpt:

'Frankie Smith, 20, Star's mother, will be freed in four years after a judge reduced her sentence to account for the 'burden' of knowing she played a significant role in the death of her daughter.

Last night, Star's family slammed the 'lenient' sentences handed out to the pair, as they called on Attorney General to review the case under the unduly lenient sentencing scheme.

Speaking to the Sun, Frank Smith, 68, Star's great-grandfather, said he hoped her killers would 'rot in jail' and asked: 'Is that all Star’s life is worth? Frankie will be out in four years - how is that justice?''

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