Breakdown services must ‘do better’, says Labour MP after claims the AA no longer prioritises lone women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Labour MP Rosie Duffield has called on breakdown services to “do better” after claims one of them no longer prioritises lone women.

The MP for Canterbury said women should be able to put their trust in these companies particularly at a time of heightened violence towards women.

On Wednesday evening, feminist academic Helen Mott took to Twitter to accuse the AA of leaving her alone for an hour and a half after her car broke down.
The AA replied to her tweet, writing: “Hi Helen, you’ve been advised correctly. We don’t prioritise based on gender, we do consider the location so as an example we would prioritise someone on a motorway over someone in a supermarket car park.”'

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UK: Civil servant who was sacked over claim she lied about photo of her gagged and bound loses claim

Article here. Excerpt:

'A civil servant who was sacked over a claim she lied about a photo of her gagged and bound to a chair has lost her £500,000 compensation claim for unfair dismissal after a tribunal ruled it was just 'high jinks'.

The image of Marine Scotland worker DeeAnn Fitzpatrick went viral in 2018 after she claimed she was subjected to the ordeal for blowing the whistle on abusive and misogynist behaviour in the office.

The Senior Fishery Officer said in a BBC interview that tape was placed over her mouth to 'shut' her up as she was told 'that's what you get for speaking out about the boys.'

Bosses later fired Ms Fitzpatrick for lying about when the photo was taken so she could claim it was punishment for her whistle blowing complaint.

She then attempted to sue her employer for £500,000.

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State wins trial over bias claims at Michigan's only women’s prison

Article here. Excerpt:

'A jury has ruled in favor of the state Corrections Department in a trial about work opportunities for male officers at Michigan’s only prison for women.

The men sued in 2011, claiming to be victims of discrimination. They said they were denied certain jobs at the Huron Valley prison in response to sexual assaults by others many years earlier.

The officers were seeking millions of dollars in overtime and other lost compensation. But the trial ended Friday in Washtenaw County with a verdict for the Corrections Department.

“I’m floored,” James Fett, an attorney for the men, said of the verdict.

The assignments sought by male officers at the time were not in the prison’s housing units but in food service, the yard, school, infirmary, gym and other areas, according to the lawsuit.

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Woman Accuses Husband Of Rape But Maltese Police Find Out She Attacked Him With Kettle Of Hot Water

Article here. Excerpt:

'After a foreign woman reported her husband for rape, investigations conducted in Malta uncovered an 18-minute video that revealed she was actually physically abusing him.

TVM reported that 36-year-old woman, who works with the Foundation of Educational Services but whose name and nationality cannot be reported by court order, has been charged with domestic violence, assaulting her husband and subsequently causing him slight injuries. She is pleading not guilty.

Her alleged abuse came to light after investigations, that were sparked by her own claim of rape, found a camera in her home which had video footage of the man being subject to domestic violence, with his wife attacking him with her hands, a baton, a frying pan and a kettle of hot water.'

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Aurora food pantry sets women-only giveaway Jan. 20

Article here. Excerpt:

'Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry will hold its third monthly Women's Empowerment Mobile Pantry, a distribution of free food and household items for women only, on Thursday, Jan. 20.

The women's pantry will run from 2 to 3 p.m. at Santori Aurora Public Library, 101 S. River St. in Aurora. IDs are not required.

In addition to food, diapers, formula, baby food and feminine hygiene products will be distributed. The pantry's December distribution at Two Rivers Head Start in Aurora served 72 families.'

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What Is the Fear of Men?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fear of men is an extreme, persistent fear of men. The presence or image of a male can stimulate this prolonged emotional response in some individuals. While fear of men is not a standalone phobia mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th ed. (DSM-5), it is a type of specific phobia that can affect people of every gender.1 Specific phobias have their own DSM-5 categorization.

Androphobia is the scientific name for fear of men. It comes from "andros," the Greek word for man, and "phobia," which means fear or dread.

Fear of men is a type of anxiety disorder. Unchecked, it can provoke abnormal behaviors and physical reactions. Professional intervention can help alleviate these symptoms.'

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Ontario mother given 18 months house arrest for drowning death of 3-year-old son

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Ontario woman who drove herself and her three-year-old son onto a flooded road and failed to save him was sentenced to house arrest for the incident.

38-year-old Michelle Hanson pleaded guilty in November to one count of criminal negligence causing death over the tragic incident, admitting to drinking alcohol and taking her young son, Kaden Young, for a drive because he could not sleep.
Hanson was sentenced by Justice Gisele Miller for 18 months house arrest, followed by six months with a nightly curfew. Hanson will also attend grief counselling and substance use counselling, according to CP24.'

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What Justice Gorsuch's masklessness says about society

Article here. Excerpt:

'On Friday, we witnessed an unusually ugly spectacle at the US Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch sat on the bench maskless (as he also has on other occasions), while his colleague Sonia Sotomayor -- who as a diabetic is at higher risk of severe disease if she contracts Covid-19 -- participated remotely from her chambers. A Court spokesperson didn't respond to a question from The Washington Post about the incident. But it would make sense for Sotomayor, who usually sits next to Gorsuch and has reportedly expressed concerns about contracting Covid-19, to be uncomfortable that he wasn't wearing a mask. The episode was a shocking display of male entitlement.

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GW must consider diverse candidates for the presidency

Article here. Excerpt:

'The presidential search committee must be aware of its implicit biases against women that have been ingrained in every single human without consciously knowing about them. They also need to actively fight against those biases by prioritizing the appointment of a more diverse president in the upcoming selection. Everyone has implicit biases based on what they have experienced and been taught, so none of this is to say that GW is making the purposeful decision to be sexist. But failing to recognize those biases is what perpetuates them and continuing to appoint men to positions of power will never get rid of those biases.'

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UK: Government defeated as Lords vote to make misogyny a hate crime

Article here. Excerpt:

'The government also suffered a defeat over a separate issue when peers voted to make misogyny a hate crime in England and Wales - a move that would enable judges to impose stronger penalties if prejudice against women is proved to be the motivation.

The proposal was added to the bill as an amendment against the government's wishes and led by Conservative peer Baroness Newlove - a former victims' commissioner.

Baroness Newlove said: "As a society we have rightly taken steps to acknowledge the severity of racist or homophobic crimes, but have not yet acted on crimes driven by hatred of women."

Crossbench peer Baroness Fox, the former Brexit Party MEP, argued against the proposal, saying the data collected would be "almost entirely based on subjective perceptions" of what constituted misogyny.

She warned that police resources would be wasted if they got "tangled up in the reporting and monitoring of stats and data which I do not think is reliable".'

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Is our attitude to men based on substandard research?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Much of our attitude towards men comes from high profile feminist and Gender Studies scholars in academia. There is a strong association between the theorizing amongst such academics and the ideologies expressed in public debate. In fact, it is often the same individuals who write op-eds, scholarly papers, and pamphlets, and engage in political activism. It is only the type of platform that varies. Much of the ideas about male privilege, quotas, “rape culture”, and the patriarchy, for example, began in academic departments. But what is the scientific quality of publications from the world of gender studies?

We were compelled to investigate the quality of gender studies publications after some alluring lectures given at Umeå University, arguing that Gender Studies (GS) outperforms the old-fashioned, bigoted, and boring positivist methods. GS, it was argued, is an alternative and superior kind of science.

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UK: Host of male celebrities call for misogyny to be made a hate crime

Article here. Excerpt:

'A group of male celebrities including Michael Sheen, Jason Manford and Gary Neville are calling for misogyny to be made a hate crime.

Stella Creasy, Labour and Co-operative Party MP for Walthamstow, is campaigning to 'include misogyny in our hate crime legislation', meaning offences motivated by a hatred of women would be treated similarly as those motivated by racism or religious intolerance.

In an open letter to House of Lords members, bearing the names of several famous men, she calls for the Government to accept the 'Newlove amendment' to the Policing Bill when it is debated on January 17.

Comedian David Baddiel, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, and former Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal OBE all have their names featured on the open letter, which calls for the Government to 'modernise our hate crime laws'.

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Appeals Court Allows Discrimination Suit to Go Forward

Article here. Excerpt:

'A federal appeals court Tuesday in Pasadena revived a lawsuit against the Regents of the University of California brought by a Chinese national graduate student who alleges UCLA violated his civil rights in a disciplinary proceeding instituted after a former student accused him of misconduct.

Based on the former student’s allegations, and before beginning a formal Title IX investigation, UCLA issued an immediate interim suspension of the graduate student, identified in court papers as John Doe, who was just months away from completing his doctoral degree in chemistry/biochemistry, according to the ruling by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Air Force accused of pushing woman through elite commando training after she quit, spurring investigation

Article here. Excerpt:

'Air Force Special Operations Command boss Lt. Gen. Jim Slife is calling for an inspector general investigation after claims surfaced that his organization is unfairly pushing an unqualified female airman through special tactics officer training.

If she completes the program, she would become the first woman to make it into the elite special tactics field — a major win for the Air Force.

On Wednesday, however, an anonymous member of the AFSOC community raised questions in an letter about whether the airman is receiving preferential treatment to stay in the pipeline, despite allegedly quitting multiple times.'

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Intact 2022 Conference – Call for Papers

Call for Papers Submission Form

Deadline April 15. Presentations are limited to 20 minutes with a 5 minute Q&A.

Who: This symposium is sponsored by the Law Office of David J. Llewellyn and Intact America.

What: INTACT 2022: The 16th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy, Circumcision, and Children’s Rights

Where: The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, 800 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28, 2022. Registration is Friday, 7–9 pm and Saturday, 7–9 am, and Sunday 7–9 am.

How Much: The conference fee is $300 and includes a continental breakfast and a bountiful buffet luncheon each day, and day-time parking. Lodging and travel are not included.

How to Register: Registration will open in the Spring.

If your organization would like to have a time slot to talk about what you have done or plan to do, please contact

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