Toxic masculinity: a fair assessment of male behaviour or a dangerous generalisation?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Growing up, British boys are constantly told to "be a man" or to "man up", and pushed towards adopting "male" qualities such as confidence, self-sufficiency, strength, assertiveness and dominance. By themselves, these traits are not inherently toxic, indeed they can be commendable, but when they are reinforced by the often unrealistic expectations of society, young men may struggle.

We know that men are far less likely to discuss mental health problems with a medical professional. In 2017, the suicide rate for men was 3.5 times higher than it was for women and men between the ages 45-49 have the highest suicide rate in England and Wales.'

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'I'm raising my boys not to rape - consent starts when they're little'

Article here. Excerpt:

'In the wake of the tragic news regarding Sarah Everard, her kidnap, rape and subsequent murder I've felt compelled to share my perspective as a mother of two young boys.

A lot of the news has focused (quite rightly) on what men can do. However, I believe there is also space for everyone to examine what they can do in order to make a difference here.

More specifically, it's got me thinking about what we as parents can do.

As parents of the next generation we hold a lot of power. A constant thread through my parenting has been how to integrate my political leanings with my parenting and how I can parent my boys in ways that will raise them to be good, kind, respectful men.'

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Alex Phillips: Many feminists seem to want to punish men, it's time we supported them

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s all your fault. For too long you have dominated society in almost every culture of the world. You are sociopathic, reckless, selfish and deficient in areas where we need you to be better. The Patriarchy, in a word, is toxic. That is how many men feel they are being spoken to today.

Born with inherent blame, an original sin. When the tragic circumstances of Sarah Everard's murder hit the headlines, there were even calls for a curfew on men, somehow lumping 50% of the population in the same category as one psychopathic and deeply evil monster.

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Can men ever hope for legal equality?

When a justice minister doesn't even understand that his police forces are implementing policies that are clearly discriminatory against men, what chance is there for the men to get equality under the law?

The UK's Justice secretary, Dominic Raab said "…of course misogyny is absolutely wrong – whether it’s a man against a woman, or a woman against a man.”

Misandry meaning: Correct term for ‘hatred of men’ explained as Dominic Raab confuses definition of misogyny — here.

Among the many people mocking Mr Raab online after he appeared to suggest misogyny could be directed against a man was former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal. He tweeted: “If you don’t know what misogyny is then you’re never going to find it.” — here.

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Feminism – Identity Politics and the Nature of Echoes

Essay here. Excerpt:

'We all need to understand identity politics breed reactive identity politics. If people claiming to speak for one group are allowed to speak loudly and effectively unchallenged long enough they will create credibility for that view both within the group they have identified (even if they did not previously self-identify) and the target other group.

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Ex-porn star allegedly kills son, 2, dumps body on supermarket counter

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Hungarian porn star has been accused of fatally stabbing her 2-year-old son during a bitter custody battle — and dumping his body at the checkout counter of an Italian supermarket, according to a report.

Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs, 44, entered the Lidl chain store in Città della Pieve, a community in the central region of Umbria, on Friday and shouted for help as she placed her son Alex Juhasz’s body on the counter, Newsflash reported.
Investigators believe the motive for the gruesome crime was revenge against Alex’s father, Norbert Juhasz, from whom the former adult actress was separated and with whom she had been embroiled in a nasty child custody dispute.

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Nuns Raped Girls With Crucifixes as Female Pedophilia Was Covered Up by the Church

Article here. Excerpt:

'“Marie” was placed in a French Catholic boarding school for “young girls from good families” when she was in the fifth grade. She remembers a nun who would come to her class every day to choose a student to help her with Mass. But the nun wasn’t looking for someone to help her. She was looking for a victim.

“I was 11 and looked 9. She would choose me once every two or three times,” she recalls. “She would take me to her office, lock the door, and then draw the curtains. After which she would put me on her knees to make me read the gospel according to Saint Paul or another saint, while she squeezed me with one hand to her chest and pulled down my panties with the other hand. We were of course in pleated skirts and not in pants. It terrified me and paralyzed.”'

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When Male Rape Victims Are Accountable for Child Support

Older article, still good, here. Excerpt:

'When Shane Seyer was 12, he was sexually exploited by his 16-year-old babysitter Colleen Hermesmann. She became pregnant with Seyer’s child in 1989 and was charged with statutory rape shortly afterward. Instead of being convicted of rape, Hermesmann was declared a juvenile offender under the non-sexual offense of “contributing to child misconduct.” Seyer was subsequently court-ordered to pay child support.

In 1993, at the age of 15, Seyer appealed this decision to the Kansas Supreme Court, arguing he should not be liable for these payments. He maintained that his babysitter (Hermesmann) took advantage of him sexually when he was too young to give consent.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled against him. The judgment stated that because Seyer initially consented to the sexual encounters and never told his parents what was happening, he was responsible for supporting the child.

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The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law

Article here. Excerpt:

'Family breakdown is the single greatest threat to American society. Every day, more than 4,000 children lose a parent because of our archaic and inhumane family-court system. Every day, ten divorced men commit suicide. And now, one in three children in our country is without a father.

The Respondent is Ellis's personal story about a Hollywood dream razed by internal and external forces. Part memoir, part meditation, and part manifesto, it's a timely and heartrending portrait of perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of the American legal system. Through its candor and moral strength, The Respondent offers guidance and hope. As such, it's an indispensable read for not only parents enduring the grief of child separation, but all interested in learning about the gross overreach and unrelenting brutality of family law.'

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Into the lioness’s den: why higher education is skewed against men

Article here. Excerpt:

'But what about young men looking for meaningful, non-confrontational connections on campus? That scene is awfully dry. While groups like Women in STEM and Women in Business boost female students’ confidence by treating them as capable and competent professionals, college-aged men are often left with little to give their lives direction.

Don’t expect these trends to change anytime soon either. According to the Wall Street Journal, women now make up nearly 60 percent of the college population, an all-time high. While feminists might celebrate the fact that women, who once faced barriers to getting an education, are now comfortably positioned to take high-paying jobs and thus close the much derided ‘gender pay gap,’ anyone raising a son ought to be concerned.'

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Today, we really need to talk about our men

On GBNews yesterday:

It’s all your fault. For too long you have dominated society in almost every culture of the world. You are sociopathic, reckless, selfish and deficient in areas where we need you to be better. The Patriarchy, in a word, is toxic. That is how many men feel they are being spoken to today.

Born with inherent blame, an original sin. When the tragic circumstances of Sarah Everard's murder hit the headlines, there were even calls for a curfew on men, somehow lumping 50% of the population in the same category as one psychopathic and deeply evil monster.

How do we want men to react to this, what can they do?…

Video on YouTube

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British men told to 'stay indoors' when a killer is on run

It's almost as though people don't know that men are the majority victims of violence, or that men are the majority of people who chase down and catch murderers.

In the Daily Mail today:
"Police 'should tell men to stay indoors' when a killer is on run in local area: Victims commissioner says 'very little has changed' since women were told to keep off streets when the Yorkshire Ripper prowled North in 70s and 80s"

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Life expectancy of American men fell by 2 years amid COVID pandemic: study

Article here. Excerpt:

'The life expectancy of American men dropped by more than two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study has found.

Oxford University said in the study published Monday that the life expectancy among men fell by 2.2 years in 2020, the largest drop since World War II, according to Reuters.

Life expectancy fell by more than six months compared to 2019 for 22 of the 29 countries analyzed for the study, which included the U.S. and European nations.'

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UK goes extreme on gender bending

Three items:

Last year, a High Court determined that a child was not (almost by definition) capable of understanding the ramifications upon their life of starting the trans-gender process by taking puberty blockers. That has now been reversed by a Court of Appeal. United Families International reports that the decision said that doctors should seek court approval before prescribing the medication because the drugs were still experimental.
More here…

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'Border Patrol Are Leftover Racist White Men,' Says Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida had harsh criticism for the U.S. Border Patrol on Sunday amid backlash to the agency's handling of Haitian migrants.

Wilson appeared on the local news program, This Week in South Florida, to discuss the ongoing issue, reiterating her strong and vocal criticism from the past week. The congresswoman represents Florida's 24th District, which encompasses parts of the Miami metropolitan area and, according to Local 10, is home to the largest population of Haitian immigrants in the U.S.

"The Border Patrol are leftover racist white men who do not like immigrants, and what really made them angry is that these were Black immigrants," Wilson said.'


Photographer behind controversial migrant photos claims agents weren’t whipping anyone

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