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Home Depot Supports Men's Charities and "Real Men Cook"
posted by Scott on Wednesday May 09, @08:05AM
from the news dept.
News Anonymous User writes "This article on Excite explains how Home Depot is sponsoring a "Real Men Cook" event on Father's Day this year. According to the article, the event is designed to "mobilize hundreds of men across the country to participate as volunteer cooks on Father's Day. The mission of Real Men Cook is to raise money for charity through family, food and community celebrations" in various metropolitan areas around the country. Among the many charities being supported are: Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History; Real Men Cook for Prostate Cancer, Men's Empowerment; plus many others. My favorite quote from this piece is from a Home Depot spokeswoman: "Through our support of Real Men Cook, we are able to participate in the real-life celebration of men who have worked very hard to sustain their families and build their communities.""

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Real Men Cook Website (Score:1)
by frank h on Wednesday May 09, @09:30AM EST (#1)
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http://www.realmencook.com/rmc.html Real Men Cook has their own website. You might consider calling your local Home Depot and asking them if they participate (not all do) and if not, why not?
Re:Real Men Cook Website (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Wednesday May 09, @12:18PM EST (#2)
Their Web site says that the 2001 goal for Real Men Cook is "100% prostate cancer screenings for men 40 years and older." Even if this event isn't happening in your city, perhaps we should all donate a little cash to the cause. I have e-mailed realmencook@mobe.com to find out if we can donate without attending the event (for those of us who aren't near one of the cities participating). For those of us who are, I urge you to attend and show your support! Men are so often portrayed as violent, brutish and stupid. And African American men are probably even more oppressed by these stereotypes. This is a chance to stand up and say--black or white--we are not all violent criminals.
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