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Boycott Hallmark for Mother's Day Cards
posted by Scott on Wednesday May 09, @06:38AM
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News Warren Farrell has shown some excellent examples in his books of how contempt for men has been institutionalized in society by packaging and selling it in greeting cards. He identifies Hallmark (particularly the "Shoebox" subdivision) as one of the biggest perpetrators of this act. Here's something simple you can do this year - don't buy a Hallmark card for any holiday, especially Mother's Day this weekend (there are a lot of degrading cards about men for this particular holiday). I personally believe that spending $3.50 for a piece of cardboard is a waste anyway, and that spending quality time with someone is the most appropriate gift you can give.

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Boycott American Greetings, Too (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Wednesday May 09, @11:42AM EST (#1)
I just perused the Web sites of both Hallmark and American Greetings. I can say without a doubt that, online at least, American Greetings is just as full of bigotry and hate for men.

An example of the foul: "Honey, men are a lot like slinkies. It sure is fun watching them tumble down the stairs."

Perhaps we should simply boycott the industry.

Re:Boycott American Greetings, Too (Score:1)
by BusterB on Wednesday May 09, @04:06PM EST (#2)
(User #94 Info) http://themenscenter.com/busterb/
Ooooh, don't get me started about Hallmark!

Two of their recent commercials (still playing, by the way):

1. A little boy--geeky looking with glasses--is coaxed by his playmates: "You can do it," they tell him. So, he walks up to a pretty little girl (taller than he is, by the way) and recites a poem from a Hallmark card. She kisses him on the cheek, in a way more reminiscent of a mother than a nervous little girl. Anyway, the commercial thusfar would have been sweet and touching, but Hallmark can't resist a kick at men... so the spot ends with the boy using the line on another little girl. Message? Men are two-timing scum.

2. A woman brings a touching Hallmark card to another woman working in a restaurant. They're having a beautiful moment when the (male) boss comes by and tells the recipient of the card to "get back to work". The woman shoots back, "Hey, we're having a 'moment' here!" Message? Men are heartless jerks, but women stand up for themselves.

It's one thing to market a line of cards for snippy misandrists. It's quite another thing to migrate that point of view to the only two television commercials that you're currently running.

I hate Hallmark!
Re:Boycott American Greetings, Too (Score:1)
by frank h on Wednesday May 09, @06:26PM EST (#3)
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It occurs to me that boycotts are generally not successful because the targeted comapnies provide a product or service that some segment needs. It will be difficult for me to tell my kids that they cannot buy a Mother's Day card this year because daddy is boycotting the only two card shops in the area. Well, tough noogies on me, I guess, but how about a different approach: Identify a card company that either treats men better or at least treats men and women equally shabbily, and identify them as a preferred supplier. Starting a boycott gives me a problem, but identifying a better supplier gives me a solution. Any ideas?
Re:Boycott American Greetings, Too (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday May 10, @06:26AM EST (#4)
Why don't you and your kids make your own cards? I'm sure they'll be treasured much more than a mass-produced-lowest-common-denominator-tripey one ... It's fun too!
Re:Boycott American Greetings, Too (Score:1)
by Nightmist (nightmist@mensactivism.org) on Thursday May 10, @11:53AM EST (#5)
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I've always followed the "making your own card is more meaningful" philosophy as well. Although I do sympathize with frankh in the desire to find a card shop that treats men and women equally (whether well or shabby). I have noticed a "For Men Only" section in American Greetings' displays, but they're usually just as anti-male as the "For Women Only" cards. Sometimes, they're not even stocked with cards.
Re:Boycott American Greetings, Too (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday May 10, @11:32PM EST (#6)
Perhaps some enterprising men or men's group should get into the greeting card business.
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