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Awesome News Submissions
posted by Scott on Wednesday May 09, @09:49AM
from the announcements dept.
Announcements I just wanted to mention that the influx of quality news submissions has been terrific lately, and I'd like to thank the active participants of Mensactivism.org for their efforts. My apologies if the turnaround time between submitting the news and seeing it posted takes a while - my final exams begin soon so I'm having a hard time keeping organized. But by all means, keep the news coming!

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Finals (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Wednesday May 09, @11:37AM EST (#1)
Finals are important. And considering some of the problems with the education of males in all levels of education, I say study, study, study! :) On a related note, I recently read a story about a predominantly African American university in Tennessee (Fisk) that's begun a program specifically designed to attract more male enrollment. The story is in a March edition of Th e Tennessean. Purports to be the first program of its kind. The most offensive quote from the article: "boys tend to learn at slower rates." I say learning rates are as individual as fingerprints.
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