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Sacks: If The Genes Don't Fit, You Must Acquit
posted by Nightmist on Friday March 15, @02:13PM
from the paternity-fraud dept.
News Glenn Sacks submitted his most recent column, which also ran in the LA Daily News. In it, Sacks examines California's recent Paternity Justice Act and notes: Paternity fraud victims' stories often provoke disbelief.  For example, four years ago Air Force Master Sergeant Ray Jackson was divorced by his wife.  Soon afterwards, he discovered that the three children born during their marriage had, in fact, been the product of three different extramarital affairs.  Jackson's ex-wife has disappeared with the children, and Jackson is still paying half his income to support children who aren't his and whom he'll probably never be allowed to see.

California Bill to force Draft Registration | Yates Gets Life in Prison, Eligible For Parole in 40 Years  >


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Infuriating stuff. (Score:2, Insightful)
by nazgul on Friday March 15, @03:08PM EST (#1)
(User #620 Info)
Nothing makes me more sick to my stomach than this issue of paternity fraud. Well, almost nothing.

I have to say the "child's interest" argument is the most enraging response imaginable, with its blatant disingenuous deflection of the issue. The argument itself is mere self-righteous posturing, and everyone knows it.

I could just as easily tell a total strnger that it would be in my child's best interest if they paid for my child's upbringing. I could literally choose someone at random, and the net effect would be the same. Where in the world is it written, except in the minds of self-interested feminist cranks, that any ex-boyfriend of any mother ought to pony up a portion of his salary, in the best interest of HER children?? That otherwise intelligent people would even attempt this argument is beyond the moral pale, and evinces an absolute lack of genuine regard for the basic rights of other human beings.

Re:Infuriating stuff. (Score:2, Interesting)
by Dan-Lynch ( on Friday March 15, @03:31PM EST (#2)
(User #722 Info)
You are so totally right, I mean its getting to the point that if you date a single mom and buy her kid an ice-cream that it means you have assumed the role of care giver. The truth is is that the government doesnt care who pays so long as its not them, the government agrees with the best interest of the child arguemnet to defere their own resposibility of paying welfare. Are some of these people paying child support taking the real fathers to court? I guess that only helps if you know who the guy is. The government must know this policy is descriminatory if they don't they shuoldnt be in power. The money can not come out of the tresury so the way to do it is make anyone pay they can by "legal" statute. Because its legal doesnt mean its not immoral. If no one opposes this it stands and they get away with it as long as they can. Men going into hiding to care for their own children We have to give these guys a medal and ask them why they waited so long. I know a guy paying child support for an ex-girfriends kids I will have to ask him if the real father is also paying support. Its a cash cow for women just keep breaking up with guys and keep collecting as long as you can and accumulate as many support payments from as many people as you can, Thus the enslavement of the male. Break your chains brothers educate yourself about politics and the law, shift some of the responsibility and gain some of the rights. Men must unite world wide. Dan Lynch
Christine Stolba for President. Dan Lynch
Re:Infuriating stuff. (Score:2, Informative)
by warble ( on Friday March 15, @03:38PM EST (#3)
(User #643 Info)
I have to say the "child's interest" argument is the most enraging response imaginable, with its blatant disingenuous deflection of the issue.

It is quite frustrating to encounter this argument. I personally get it everywhere that somebody wants to promote one of their favorite causes.

For example, in the OC Chapter of the Red Cross they actively censored American music like America the Beautiful, another song that included words from the Declaration of Independence (unacceptable), and another song that was written for Bosnian children and had the word "pray." This was at a March 10th recognition event for the service people in N.Y. .

When I called them, they claimed the COO, CEO, the Board of Directors, and the local directors were all involved in the decision to censor the music.

So, now work is having a blood drive and they want me to donate. They use this save the children or "it's in the best interest of the children" excuse to make emotional appeals.

They don't give a sh*& about my son (child) that is assembling bombs for the war in Afghanistan. They don't care that he is putting his life on the line to support the 9/11 attack. All Red Cross cares about is their politically correct image in OC and not offending a few non-Americans or atheist.

You can get the poorly reported story hereRed Cross Anti-American Censorship

You can check out the OC Red Cross at this link:
Red Cross

Note: I believe the Northern CA Chapter of the Red Cross is opposed to the Southern Chapter's screw up and cover up.

Anyway...that is my it is in the best interest of the children rant for today. :-0

Re:Infuriating stuff. (Score:1)
by AFG ( on Friday March 15, @04:51PM EST (#5)
(User #355 Info)
"I have to say the "child's interest" argument is the most enraging response imaginable, with its blatant disingenuous deflection of the issue. The argument itself is mere self-righteous posturing, and everyone knows it."

I've said the same thing so many times. I agree with you 100 %. Best interests of the child implies best interests of the mom (and perhaps the child) at the expense of the dad. I call it the status quo argument.

Brought to you by the sham mirrors.
Shootin' Blanks... (Score:1)
by johnpowers on Friday March 15, @04:00PM EST (#4)
(User #695 Info)
It's come down to the point that, if I didn't wish to have my own children in the future, (I'm only 22), I'd have a vasectomy now. But even then, that doesn't keep me safe. What if I DID meet a woman I believe to be "Ms.Right", and she turned out to be the polar opposite? I'd be screwed.

Yes. Women gained reproductive rights, at the same time preventing men from having any.

*shrugs* No point flaming me, I know I'm an idiot.
Women aren't better than men. Men aren't better than women. We're just different. Deal.
Re:Shootin' Blanks... (Score:1, Interesting)
by wiccid stepparent on Friday March 15, @05:33PM EST (#6)
(User #490 Info)
I don't think you are an idiot. My story is the reverse - though I met and married "Mr. Right" and found out that he was in fact polar opposite - i.e. bipolar. I raised our daughter after the age of 2 on my own, with no support, financially or otherwise, from him (or public assistance, might I add for those who will want to pounce on that angle); and in fact on occasion have had to financially support him as well. I am still paying some debts of that he ran up after our separation but before the divorce was final; because they appear on my credit report I am responsible for his screw-ups.

The argument could be made that I had the ultimate decision in whether we carried the pregnancy to term, but it can also be made that I did not know I would be essentially a single mom when I made that decision. I am glad I had her and I wouldn't give her up for anything in the world, but if I had known before I conceived that my spouse was mentally ill? Aside from the single parent aspect there is the hereditary concerns of bearing a child to such a person.

Seems like another good reason..... (Score:1)
by Lorianne on Friday March 15, @10:22PM EST (#7)
(User #349 Info)
for universal paternity testing of BOTH parents at the birth of a child (or soon thereafter).

Re:Seems like another good reason..... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Friday March 15, @11:57PM EST (#8)
Hi Lorianne!

Re:Seems like another good reason..... (Score:1)
by pbmaltzman on Monday March 18, @08:48AM EST (#9)
(User #554 Info)
...for universal paternity testing of BOTH parents at the birth of a child (or soon thereafter).

Looks like it's going to come to that, whether we want to or not. It's a shame that so many men have reason to wonder about paternity. Let's hope the price of the testing at least comes down sometime soon.

Re:Seems like another good reason..... (Score:1)
by wiccid stepparent on Monday March 18, @01:52PM EST (#10)
(User #490 Info)
They should probably do that, what with those baby mixups at maternity wards.

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