Amy Coney Barrett Strikes a Blow against Campus Kangaroo Courts

Article here. Excerpt:

'Whenever I read a court opinion describing a campus sexual-assault proceeding, I routinely find myself shocked at the staggering unfairness and ridiculous bias of campus kangaroo courts. Driven by the need to find more men guilty — and rationalized by a #BelieveWomen ideology — campus administrators have systematically discarded every fundamental notion of due process in American law.

Across the nation, courts on the right and on the left are saying no. They’re blocking biased sexual-assault adjudications, protecting basic fairness, and restoring a degree of sanity to colleges’ procedures. On Friday it was the turn of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to protect the Fourteenth Amendment, and an all-woman panel, led by Judge Amy Coney Barrett, established a precedent that could be used against woke college administrators nationwide.'

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watching (again) reruns of 'outlander', and how a Scottish early 1700's trial for witchcraft starkly compares to today's disregard at uni's for truth and justice. even though outlawed years earlier, the simple minded scots wanted somebody to blame for their many ills, so they picked those women from the 20th century who helped them most. not unlike the many, many women who were murdered by 'courts' for witchcraft in the Americas. any woman who might get in another's way could be disposed of in this evil manner by her peers.

as recently retired, I have watched forced affirmative action contaminate the school systems, the government, and everything else it has touched. while in college I tutored students who didn't belong anywhere near a university, and yet they were passed along. graduated and given diplomas only to later be promoted in the business and gov world for the very same reasons they were given diplomas. it was required to continue to do business, or to continue to teach or whatever. like making false allegations against men, it too was and is just another mechanism for removing those in the way. society has systematically replaced excellence, hard work and real academic achievement w rubbish. these kangaroo courts are the result of the rubbish of p.c. we have truly reaped the whirlwind of our own self righteous actions, and future generations will suffer immeasurably.

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... many ideas meant well. But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. It soon turned into a means of discriminating vs. men/whites. Now it is an unabashed quota system. The goal of creating a gender-/color-blind society was in effect abandoned in the 1980s after it was hatched in the 1960s. Now decrying that so and so isn't of a preferred race or sex has become normative if not accepted.

None of this will lead to good outcomes, ultimately, and more problems/unrest is in the future because of it.

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