Called to my attention by our friends at SAVE, a frighteningly close representation of what may in fact one day be an official state document in California and who knows where else. The author is unknown, but clearly has a knack for ironic comedy. (Well, if you don't laugh, you'll cry, right?)

SAVE is keeping a list of groups that have issued statements in opposition to the Campus Accountability and Safety Act now waiting for California's governor's signature. We'll see what he does.

Article here. Excerpt:

'My mother’s brand of feminism went from wanting equal rights to wanting to smash the patriarchy, which she defined for my brother and me as “men’s historical oppression of women, which they continue to do today.” No man could escape complicity, not even little boys, she said. Suddenly, men were the root of all of women’s problems and since they had all the power, we had to fight them.

Men were always wrong. Men were aggressors; men were rapists; men were stupid; men were obsessed with their penises; men were responsible for forcing my mother into a heterosexual marriage and motherhood. Mary Daly and Andrea Dworkin had become her prophets. She never once said that “patriarchy” wasn’t synonymous with “men.” She used the terms interchangeably. She told us we’d been forced on her by the patriarchy and, given the choice, she would not have had us.
Misandry as an ironic or non-ironic Feminist pose might be cathartic for a while, but it has nothing to do with achieving equality. And espousing outright hatred and contempt for all men to your children is not a feminist act. It’s tantamount to child abuse.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Male circumcision vs. FGM

A common question I am often asked is "Leyla, isn't male circumcision (MGM) just as bad as FGM? Is it not sexist to leave male circumcision out of the debate and only focus on female circumcision?"

Okay. Deep breath. Let me start by saying I do not think any child should be cut whether it's a boy or a girl. I do not agree with the practice of circumcising a male baby for non-medical reasons, as babies and children cannot give consent. Having said that, I cannot accept a comparison of male circumcision to FGM. The practices themselves, as well as the intent behind them, are fundamentally different. Allow me to explain.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A campaign to promote medical male circumcision has been stepped up in the Western Cape with the launch of two mobile surgical theatres.

Circumcision, which can be done in 30 minutes, protects men against HIV, as well as sexually transmitted infections.
“We’re finding very few men are asking for MMC at clinics. We need to think out of the box – so we’ll be launching radio adverts and putting branding on taxis and spaza shops to encourage men to get medically circumcised through our 'Get Wise, Circumcise’ campaign,” said Nikki Soboil, CEO of SWHP.

A cartoon character, "Clever Dick" is the campaign’s ambassador.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'In a South African community where large numbers of men had been circumcised, women who had sex only with circumcised partners had a 15 per cent lower risk of being infected by HIV compared with women who also had uncircumcised partners, it found.

"The risk reduction is small, but it is a start," said investigator Kevin Jean of France's National Agency for AIDS Research (ANRS).

The study was presented on the final day of the 20th International AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia.
There was also good news from the questions on sex behaviour: men were unlikely to engage in unprotected intercourse after being circumcised, he said.

"What we are seeing is an indirect effect," he said. "Circumcision reduces HIV among men, and if fewer men are infected, they are less likely to infect women."

He stressed, though: "The message still has to be made that they use condoms."'

Article here. No mention if men are afforded the same right. Excerpt:

'The nation’s highest immigration court has found for the first time that women who are victims of severe domestic violence in their home countries can be eligible for asylum in the United States.
Since 1995, when federal officials first tried to set guidelines for the immigration courts on whether domestic abuse victims could be considered for asylum, the issue has been reviewed by four attorneys general, vigorously debated by advocates and repeatedly examined by the courts. With its published decision, unusual in the immigration courts, the appeals board set a clear precedent for judges.

"Women who have suffered violence in these cases can now rely on the legal principles established in this ruling,” said Karen Musalo, a professor and director of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law, who was an adviser to Ms. Cifuentes. “A judge can no longer say, ‘I believe these horrible things happened to you but this is just a criminal act, this is not persecution.’”'

Book described here.  Excerpt:

'We occupy an environment where the male sex is devalued and abused on a wholesale level. Males are mocked and belittled unceasingly. We ingest the besmirchment of males as a sex and slander with impunity: males are killers, rapists and opportunistic criminals lying in wait. Males are filthy, vile and disgusting. Males are cheating dogs, and chauvinistic pigs. Males have screwed up the world and subjugated all life thereupon.

This prejudice is epic, and every single person is on one side or the other of this bigotry. You think you understand the depths of our contempt for the male sex? You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Mistreatment of males is the paramount struggle of our day.

So, here's where we are as a species: females are the producers of life and objects of unsurpassed beauty... guys are the mutants who amuse them and carry their heavy stuff.'

Link here. Excerpt:

'The Australian Government is funding 14 specialist prostate cancer nurses to provide support for patients, their families and carers, particularly in rural and regional areas.

Minister for Health, Peter Dutton said prostate cancer was the most common form of cancer affecting Australian men (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers), with 19,821 men diagnosed in 2010.
The Government has committed $6.2 million from 2013-14 to 2016-17 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) to select sites, facilitate training and fund the placement of the 14 new positions.

The initiative will more than double – from 12 to 26 – the number of prostate cancer nurses employed through a pilot programme currently being run through the PCFA and the Movember Foundation.

Approximately 4,000 men and their families are expected to benefit from a Commonwealth-funded prostate cancer nurse over the four year programme.'

Video here.

At time mark 7:06: "Testosterone rots the brain" -- John Fugelsang

Story here. Excerpt:

'According to CNS, on Thursday, Pelosi said on a conference call that American women have been victims throughout the history of the nation.

“It was a struggle all the way,” Pelosi said. “Women marched. Women starved. Women were starved. Women were force-fed. Women could barely speak up in their own homes.”

She continued:

"Women left their homes to take the message. And it was successful, and the right to vote, again, so precious, so hard fought. ... We hope women will continue to exercise forcefully, because then all of the issues we care about, whether it's equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave, affordable quality child care, raising the minimum wage, women's health and--and safety issues will all be well-served."

Democrats are pushing their agenda, titled “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds,” and they hope to win the female vote by convincing women they are victims and can only succeed with the government by their side throughout their lives.

While Pelosi addressed the government's giving women “freedom” from “oppressive student loans” and the importance of affordable child care, Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA) discussed women’s paid sick leave, the Violence Against Women Act, and free birth control now available through Obamacare.'

Article here. Remarkable in that she ran a F-->M DV advice letter. Most requests for advice re DV from men to advice columnists get discarded. If inclined, please take a minute to thank Amy Dickinson* for answering it. Excerpt:

'You are being verbally and physically abused. Your wife is controlling your movements and policing your money. Every time you seem ready to leave, she manipulates you into staying. Your friends and your daughters have urged you to get out.

Please seek professional help immediately. Your marriage has already stolen your sense of well-being; this relationship is bad for your mental, emotional and physical health. It is also bad for your baby grandson to witness his grandmother screaming at you. Protect him by separating.'

* It's a bit hard to catch, but her email address is on the page: Askamydaily [at]

Article here. Excerpt:

'Presumably the advent of a nail polish capable of detecting date-rape drugs in one’s cocktail would mark a high-water point in the empowerment of women against predatory men. Not so fast: The feminist backlash against the product has been vehement. According to ThinkProgress, such an innovation “actually reinforces a pervasive rape culture in our society.”

Feminists of the vocal, bathe-in-male-tears sort find proof of “rape culture” all about: in newspaper satire, in ’80s movies, in the verb “to force.” So one would think news that between 1997 and 2013 at least 1,400 children in
Rotherham, England [link added], were victims of sexual exploitation would confirm the feminist narrative and ignite their righteous fury.

Not so fast.
In Rotherham there is a real-life “rape culture.” But you will not learn anything new about it from Salon Daily Beast, Jezebel, or Slate. It has gone unmentioned at Feministing, Bitch Media, or the Feminist Majority Foundation. There have been no outraged op-eds from Jenny Kutner, Jessica Valenti, or Samantha Leigh Allen.

These are, apparently, not the rapes they are looking for.

It is hard not to interpret the feminist blogosphere’s silence on Rotherham as an indication of the movement’s ultimate lack of seriousness. Perhaps they are not interested in confronting the ethnic and religious homogeneity of many of the perpetrators: Emma and the majority of the 1,400 victims were abused by “Asian” men — i.e., Muslim men typically from Rotherham’s Pakistani community. Local government leaders, social services, and law enforcement — for fear of being labeled racist — ignored numerous reports they received.

Article here. Excerpt:

'A debate has come into being quietly here about the place of Brit Milah (the ritual circumcision of Jewish baby boys on the eighth day after birth). The debate is not taking place abroad, not in “anti-Semitic” Germany, but here in the State of Israel. When one mother refused to have her son circumcised, the rabbinical court tried to force her to do so, and the High Court of Justice countered the rabbis in the name of liberty.
I approached the topic with a great deal of curiosity, and conducted a kind of man-in-the-street poll for several weeks. I asked my questions with care and got detailed responses. The many answers I received all pointed in a single direction: that the institution of circumcision is coming to an end. Or, to be more precise, the institution of circumcision has no real hold among the segment of the Israeli population that is not conservative and religiously observant.
Generations of Jews have lived since those ancient commandments were almost completely abolished. Here are the facts: there is no Jewish death penalty. We do not put out eyes or cut off hands. There are no rabbinic executioners, or people who amputate limbs for violations of Jewish law. All that are left are the mohalim – those who are specially trained to perform circumcisions.

Ritual circumcision is the only act of physical harm that remains. For how much longer?
Let us conclude with a paradox. An important part of the religious argument against abortion is the fetus’ right to life. According to this argument, the fetus is a living creature in every way. And, they claim, every child – inside or outside the womb – has the right to be born and to live.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Twenty-one years ago this month, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed August as National Child Support Enforcement Month but in doing so focused attention on the symptom of a greater problem — a family court system that discourages shared parenting and gender equality in instances of divorce or separation.

As an increasing amount of research on parental roles has emerged in recent years, it has become clear in hindsight that family courts should focus instead on what children benefit from most — equal time with both their parents, even in instances of divorce or separation. By doing so, they would resolve not only delinquencies associated with “child support” in the financial sense, but also problems tied to gender inequality and, most importantly, the court’s continued practice of depriving children from the countless benefits associated with constant love and caring from both their parents.

Still, our family courts operate relying on precedent set in the 50s and look past research that shows clearly that shared parenting benefits the entire modern family. In the latest example, for instance, the American Psychological Association published a University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center paper by Richard Warshak earlier this year, titled “Social Science and Parenting Plans for Young Children: A Consensus Report,” that concluded “a broad consensus of accomplished researchers and practitioners agree that, in normal circumstances, the evidence supports shared residential arrangements for children under 4 years of age whose parents live apart from each other.” The paper was endorsed by an international group of 110 top experts in early child development.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Is executive-level leadership at the Maryland Insurance Administration a “girls-only” club, virtually excluding men who are hired or promoted to top posts at the state government agency a mere 8% of the time?

Under Commissioner Goldsmith, the organization chart published by MIA or posted on the state website shows 22 total positions available, including deputy and associate commissioners, and their immediate support staff.

Of those 22 available positions, one is vacant. Of the remaining 21 positions, 18 are filled by women and three by men. One of the men is technically part of the state attorney general’s office, which means of the 21 positions directly under and appointed by the insurance commissioner, 18 are filled by women and two by men.

That’s an executive-level staffing ratio of 87% women and 13% men.

Surely, you say, many of those are holdovers from previous administrations.

Not so. Since Goldsmith took office in 2011, there has been more than a 50% turnover or promotion rate at the MIA at the executive or division head level, according to information posted on the state’s website.

Since 2011, Goldsmith made 12 executive level appointments and promotions. Of those 12, all were women except one: Goldsmith appointed or promoted women to top executive level positions 92% of the time, and appointed or promoted men only 8% of the time.

A deliberate employment practice, or coincidence?

Apparently, at least a few individuals felt strongly enough about the disparate gender staffing to contact this website.'

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