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'On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman of Manhattan dismissed an anonymous male student’s gender discrimination case against Columbia University and its board of trustees. The student, who was suspended for three semesters after a campus tribunal determined he had engaged in non-consensual sex with an anonymous female student, had contended that Columbia’s investigation and prosecution of the incident violated Title IX, which prohibits universities from gender discrimination. The John Doe student, who said his accuser consented to their encounter in her dorm room bathroom and even provided the condom they used, alleged he was treated unfairly because of Columbia’s atmosphere of heightened sensitivity to women complaining of sexual assault by men.

Judge Furman determined, however, that even if Columbia’s tribunal reached the wrong conclusion in John Doe’s case and even if Doe is right that Columbia’s sexual misconduct disciplinary proceedings have a different impact on men than women, the student didn’t provide enough plausible allegations that Columbia discriminated against him because he is a man. So under the tough pleading standards the U.S. Supreme Court established in Bell Atlantic v. Twombly in 2007 and Ashcroft v. Iqbal in 2009, Furman said, John Doe’s case has to be dismissed.'

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'By now I expect most readers have seen the superb Breitbart coverage of our investigation into sexist hate speech at the Liberal Democrats. The article has received a great deal of attention worldwide, with over 1,000 comments which were almost unanimous in their condemnation of the Liberal Democrat party’s gender hatred.

Following the publication of the article, Noble resigned her position on the executive committee of Secular and Humanist Lib Dems. However, as far as we know, Noble remains on the executive Committee of the LGBT Lib Dems and on the Liberal Youth policy committee too. Furthermore, she has now tweeted a claim that her resignation from the Secular and Humanist Lib Dem Exec is “only temporary”

Despite belated calls from Lib Dem Member of Parliament Jo Swinson for Noble to apologise for her behaviour and to deleted the tweets, no such action has been forthcoming. In fact, Noble has continued down exactly the same path as before, and her response to the scandal was to emphasise she is “proud” of her hatred of half the electorate and that the hatred of men is “real cool”:

[Tweet image caps]

Such tweets are perhaps Noble’s most blatant admission of gender hatred so far, yet she still sits on the LGBT Lib Dem committee. Therefore, the Lib Dems are in a situation whereby a least one of those formulating policies relating to gay and bisexual men openly admits she hates all said men simply becasue of their gender. One wonders if Lib Dems who deal with health issues perhaps openly hate on cancer and HIV patients too?'

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'While the gender gap in academia is often most salient at the student level, equally apparent disparities among graduate students and faculty members are often overlooked. These members of the academic community are further along the “leaky pipeline” — a term that describes the incrementally rising attrition rate of women at each rungup the academic ladder. Only 33 percent of University faculty members are female, an imbalance even more stark in the physical sciences, where women make up 15 percent of faculty.

This trend holds true nationwide. In the geosciences, women make up 42 percent of University bachelor’s degree recipients, 45 percent of master of science recipients and 39 percent of PhD recipients. But only 26 percent of assistant professors, 14 percent of tenured assistant professors and 8 percent of full professors are women.

One study found that nearly half of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines seriously considered leaving the geosciences during their careers, while only one-third of men did. Reasons for leaving were also divided along gender lines. Women cited family issues and problems with advisers as their top reasons for leaving, while men considered leaving because of an uncertain job market or difficult classes.'


New Study Undermines Supposed Sexism In STEM Hiring

Well, I did a lot of thinking. Despite the fact I know I am going to be attacked, slandered and "investigated" by feminists and like minded types, I decided to create a new Men's Rights Activist website.

It's just getting started, (just created it last night) and there isn't much there yet, but you are all welcome to come. The discussions forum is open and ready, so come vent, shout, and converse, if you like. Contributions (stories, articles, etc.) will be appreciated.

Here is the link:

It's gonna be rough, but I REALLY wanted to do this.

Thanks, guys. I LOVE YOU!


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'There used to be a stigma in recent years toward forming male-only organizations, due to the perception they were sexist; excluding women for the benefit of men. But as boys and men are increasingly failing in so many areas - crime, violence, and education to name a few - that perception is changing. There is a real need for organizations that can reverse this trend and prevent men from turning to destructive lifestyles. The purpose of men's interest groups is evolving; it isn't to help men excel over women, it's merely to stop the spiraling path downward so many are now taking, to the detriment of everyone in society.
I asked Dr. Farrell if the left's interest in transgender, fluid gender, etc., might dissuade Clinton and Democrats from accepting a council for males. He didn't think so, explaining that it doesn't matter what kind of boy or man - every color, every class, every point in history and every place in geography - we're talking about, there is something that has happened to them in recent years that has hurt them. Throughout all of history, girls became women who raised children, and boys became men who raised money or killed animals and enemies. In every culture that survived, boys became heroes by being disposable. After World War II ended in industrialized countries, survival was no longer such a dominant force, and divorces became an option. The women's movement gave women a sense of purpose beyond just raising children; they could also raise money and have careers.

But no one gave men a purpose beyond raising money. Today, males have lost their purpose, because fewer are needed to die in wars and being the sole breadwinner no longer constitutes the definition of masculinity.

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'We've reached the point where simply disagreeing with someone is not enough. One must both disagree and name-call to really get the point across.

One of the best examples of this kind of reaction comes from those who really, really want to believe that American colleges are the worst places for women on earth, despite evidence that not only are rapes and sexual assaults not the norm on college campuses, but also that they are more likely to occur off-campus.
"A rape denialist is someone who denies the prevalence of rape and denies known causes of it," the students wrote. "Christina Hoff Sommers believes that rape occurs less often than statistics (those which actually leave out a plethora of unreported rapes) suggest. She also believes that false rape accusations are a rampant issue and that intoxication and coercion cannot rightly be considered barriers to consent."
But because Hoff Sommers has looked into the information behind the scary headlines, she's a "rape denialist." She also hasn't shied away from the causes of rape: Mostly alcohol. It's just that the Oberlin students think the causes are misogyny.

As for false rapes being rampant, one can read any one of the nearly 70 lawsuits against universities by students accused of sexual assault to see the issue isn't one of cut-and-dried violent rape, but more of a he said/she said, alcohol-infused event for which the truth is often subjective. (By contrast, over 100 schools are being investigated by the Department of Education for failing to address the concerns of the accuser. Both lists are growing rapidly.)'

Story here. Excerpt:

'The University of Arkansas student who falsely reported sexual assault on campus was booked into the Washington County Jail and released shortly after Friday morning.

Fayetteville police issued an arrest warrant for the student, Lindsey Sweetin, on Thursday.
After an initial investigation that included interviewing potential witnesses and checking surveillance video, Sweetin admitted that she made up the assault. She did not specify why.

Police had been debating whether to charge her for a couple of weeks.

The Washington County prosecutor said she did not have to bond out because she does not pose a flight risk. She was released one hour after being booked.'

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'Traditionalists see the 0-29 performance as a call to arms by those inside the Pentagon who are determined to have significant numbers of women in the infantry. They are on the lookout for standards they believe are no longer relevant in today’s battlefield.

"The pressure is on the services from the White House’s politically correct crowd vis-a-vis Obama’s Pentagon appointees, who will force the services to accept degraded standards,” said Robert Maginnis, a retired Army officer and author of the book “Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women Into Combat.”
Gen. Dempsey laid down the law this way: “If we do decide that a particular standard is so high that a woman couldn’t make it, the burden is now on the service to come back and explain to the secretary, why is it that high? Does it really have to be that high?”'

Story here.  Excerpt:

'Making the general public aware about tough issues that need addressing is obviously a good thing. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it.
In the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, cadets were required to wear high heels and march to “raise awareness of sexual assault against women.”
“Its a Cadet Command wide thing, pretty much every battalion in Cadet Command has had to, or will have to do it. GEN Combs has picked it up as a CC initiative.”

“This is sadly legit. Did it at my school this semester, along with something called “Take Back the Night,” both of which made me uncomfortable just being a man and being there, let alone in uniform. This is supposed to be Cadet Command’s directive, that ROTC is to be involved in sexual harassment prevention on campus as part of SHARP stuff, but really none of these events are relevant or even well thought out. The “speeches” people give are either geared towards women or poorly constructed, and we are all sitting in uniform (men and women, both) listening and wondering how it is at all relevant.

I’m all for equality, but it is really poorly thought out to have us involved in this.”'

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'The attorney for Rodney Austin said the now former Detroit Lions offensive guard is considering filing a civil suit against his accuser in a domestic violence case for malicious prosecution, defamation of character and slander.

Austin turned himself in Friday on four misdemeanor counts of assault on a female, child abuse, larceny and interfering with emergency communication after his former girlfriend, Yvonne Gill-Sadler, obtained warrants for his arrest a day earlier from the Mecklenburg County (N.C.) Magistrate's Office.

Gill-Sadler called Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police around 2:20 a.m. April 5 to report a domestic incident. According to a police department press release, Gill-Sadler said Austin, who was listed at 6-feet-4 and 330 pounds in booking records, pushed her to the floor while she was holding their infant child then prevented her from calling 911 by damaging and taking her phone.

There were no signs of injury to the victim or child, according to the press release, and Austin was not taken into custody at the time.'

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'A "Saturday Night Live" skit about a male student having sex with his female high school teacher painted the relationship as every teen boy's dream, but drew a firestorm of criticism on social media.

The reaction to the comedy sketch reflected a growing view among law enforcement and victims' advocacy groups that it is no laughing matter when a woman educator preys on her male students.

In U.S. schools last year, almost 800 school employees were prosecuted for sexual assault, nearly a third of them women. The proportion of women facing charges seems to be higher than in years past, when female teachers often got a pass, said Terry Abbott, a former chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Education, who tracked the cases.

This year's numbers are already slightly ahead of last year with 26 cases of female school employees accused of inappropriate relationships with male students in January compared to 19 cases the previous January.

Female educators who sexually abuse their students are facing tougher prosecution in part because there are more women police officers. There is also a greater awareness among prosecutors, judges and the general public that students who are victimized by an authority figure, regardless of gender, experience trauma with life-long consequences.'

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'A woman who used a turkey baster to impregnate herself is on the losing side of a legal battle over parental rights.

The Virginia Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the child's biological father is more than a sperm donor and is entitled to be a part of his son's life.

The case hinged on an informal agreement between two longtime friends: a woman who wanted to get pregnant and a man willing to supply the sperm to make it happen. According to court filings, Joyce Rosemary Bruce impregnated herself with a turkey baster, believing that Robert Preston Boardwine would not have any parental rights — including a say in the boy's education and other decisions — because they did not have intercourse.

The appeals court said she was wrong.

"The path to fatherhood may have been unconventional," the court said, but it doesn't remove Boardwine's parental rights.'

Story here. Excerpt:

'While the Millennial generation, born from 1981 to 1996, is more highly educated than preceding generations, their education is not necessarily leading to higher-paying jobs — or even to any job at all. According to a study recently released by the Pew Research Center, 30% of Millennial men between the ages of 18 and 33 have no job. Approximately 8% are unemployed and 22% are not engaged in the workforce at all.

Those are staggering numbers compared to previous generations at the same point in their lives. Men from those generations maintained an almost constant 20% jobless rate. Generation X men (born from 1965 to 1980), Baby Boomer men (born from 1946 to 1964) and men of the Silent Generation (born from 1928 to 1945) all had a 78% employment rate between the ages 18 and 33, while Millennial men dropped to a 68% employment rate.

Those in the Armed Forces are not shown in the data (thus the percentages do not add up to 100%), but there does not seem to be an obvious effect from the transition from the military draft to today’s volunteer Armed Forces.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Well now, this is revealing! A new study finds you can determine how sexist a man is -- whether the more hostile and malignant form, or the more benign and patronizing -- by how they smile towards women when they interact with them in social interactions -- and by the manner in which they speak to them in those situations.
"Benevolent sexism is like a wolf in sheep's clothing that perpetuates support for gender inequality among women at an interpersonal level," Hall adds. "These supposed gestures of good faith may entice women to accept the status quo in society because sexism literally looks welcoming, appealing, and harmless."

And that more insidious form of sexism, as well as the more blatant, is something against which both men and women should be aligned.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last week, feminists at Georgetown melted down over a visit by AEI resident scholar Christina H. Sommers claiming she makes them feel “unsafe” and demanded the talk carry a “trigger warning.”

But don’t think for a second that it’s just Georgetown that’s a problem.

Yesterday Ms. Sommers appeared at the very liberal Oberlin college in Ohio and was met by some of the same nonsense. ...'

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