Article here. Excerpt:

'It was after 4 a.m. when Dante Cunningham pulled his truck back into the driveway of his suburban Minneapolis home and saw the police waiting for him.

Officers put the handcuffs on the Minnesota Timberwolves' reserve as soon as his feet hit the pavement. The reality of his situation and the domestic assault charges that were on their way didn't sink in until he was lying in a jail cell and the lights went out.

"The whole time I was like, 'I'm OK. I'm out of here. Things will be fine,'" Cunningham recalled. "Then it went dark and I was like, 'This is not a joke. I'm really in this.'"

In the six months since, the charges have been dropped and police concluded Cunningham's accuser fabricated some of the allegations against him. But those six months have also seen domestic violence in sports thrust into the headlines like never before, thanks in part to the Ray Rice scandal in the NFL, and Cunningham feels as if those handcuffs have never been taken off.
"At this point it's about justice and it's about clearing my name," the 27-year-old forward told The Associated Press. "Clearly this adds a terrible stigma to my name. ... Now when anyone looks up Dante Cunningham, oh, wasn't he the one that was in trouble? There's nothing out there saying there was a false charge."'

Story here. Gee, suppose one day the MRM, or self-styled supporters thereof, will get little boys' parents to agree to putting their sons on TV to sell T-shirts by dressing them up in little super-hero outfits and shout "F*ck discriminatory draft laws!" and "Think 'f*ck' is a dirty word? I think f*cking cutting off a piece of my f*cking d*ck is a lot worse!", and so on? Somehow, I doubt it. Excerpt:

'The feminist movement is selling something, but it isn’t feminism.  In’s latest video, “Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism,” (NSFW) little girls between 6 and 13 years-old dressed up as pink princesses to say f*ck in the name of feminism. One girl questioned, “What is more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the f*cking on equal and sexist way society treats girls and women?” In response, the feminist liberal media latched onto the video, calling it “brilliant,” “empowering” and “adorable.” During the short ad, the girls addressed – or, rather said ”f*ck” to – pay inequality (“I shouldn’t need a penis to get paid!”), rape, sexual assault and body imaging.

During the short ad, the girls addressed – or, rather said ”f*ck” to – pay inequality (“I shouldn’t need a penis to get paid!”), rape, sexual assault and body imaging. “F*ck that sexist sh*t,” one little girl shouted as she gave viewers the finger. The video concluded with a 12-year-old boy dressed as a princess to make the point, “Yo, bro, when you tell a boy it’s bad to ‘act like girl,’ it’s because you think it’s bad to be a girl.” (No, it’s because we think it’s bad to be confused.)'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The two-minute film titled 'Boys Don't Cry' starts with a series of scenes in which boys of all ages are told to stop their tears because crying is for girls.

The video then shows a man on the verge of tears, before panning out to reveal him physically abusing a woman.

"We have taught our boys not to cry. It's time we teach them not to make girls cry," a woman says as the video ends.
"When we teach young boys at an early age to not do something 'like a girl' – the distinction that what a girl does is insignificant is imprinted in the young boy's mind. Growing up, when these boys don't see eye to eye with their partners they feel the need to enforce their views through aggression."'

Video on YouTube here.

Story here.  So, Mr. Feminist POTUS thinks he's *entitled* to hugging and kissing women he doesn't know without their express permission?  AND he does so with the apparent motivation to show some other man he can put his hands on and kiss the man's girlfriend, just to show how *powerful* he is?  If he had been an "ordinary" man, how would this scene have looked?  A lot different, yes?  If he had been on a college campus and an undergrad (male, of course), such would have been a punishable offense, by up to and including expulsion, with a mere accusation, witnessed or not by a 3rd party.  That is, it'd be called a sexual assault.  But he did in fact break Illinois criminal law with what he did.  Read it here, 720 ILCS 38 5/12-3: "(a) A person commits battery if he or she knowingly without legal justification by any means (1) causes bodily harm to an individual or (2) makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature with an individual."  I'd say hugging and kissing a person you don't know, and doing so with the expressed intent to bug said person's S.O., is pretty provoking, yes?  And, rather insulting to the young woman.  After all, he had no right to her body (contact therewith), but that didn't stop him.  The Barack Obama of his college years placed on a campus in CA today would be in trouble for what he did, wouldn't he?  That's the world he helped to create.  And it's recorded on video and is being reported by every major news outlet in America.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ginsburg has been candid in the past about her experience as a woman on the nation’s highest court. In conversation with Totenberg on Sunday, Ginsburg said that it was “lonely” after Sandra Day O’Connor retired and that she didn’t like being the only woman on the bench. Asked why that is, Ginsburg replied, “No one wants to be a one-at-a-time curiosity, and that’s what I was. I was the only one. It wasn’t the way the court should be at this time in our history.”

Following up, Ginsburg said that she is often asked how many women on the Supreme Court would be “enough.”

Her answer? “When there are nine.”

“For most of the country’s history, there were nine and they were all men. Nobody thought that was strange,” she explained.

Misandry on the court! Misandry on the court!'

Story here. Excerpt:

'A student who reported a sexual assault in the Texas Tech Student Recreation Center has admitted to making false statements, according to the university.

The Texas Tech Police Department issued an alert to the campus community on Sept. 15 about the alleged assault.
The case will be turned over to the Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney’s Office and to the Tech Office of Student Conduct.

Cook said filing a false report is a Class B misdemeanor, but the woman may also be subject to penalties from Tech.

According to a TechAnnounce sent out to the Tech community Tuesday night, filing a false report is punishable by up to a $2,000 fine, jail confinement up to 180 days or both.'

Article here. The list:

'1. Understand that women are leading the way and affirm their capable leadership. Don't assert yourself at the forefront.

2. When it comes to issues that directly pertain to women's bodies and experiences, be quiet and listen.

3. Men don't get to determine if they are "allies" to the feminist movement. Women do.

4. Take responsibility for addressing men's issues with other men, rather than expecting women in feminism to do all of the work.

5. Use your male privilege to encourage other men to work towards gender equality, under women's leadership.

6. Don't use the label of "feminist" as a way to try to get women to like you — that's disingenuous and counterproductive.

7. When given opportunities to execute professional tasks related to feminist issues, consider referring other women instead.

8. Educate yourself about the history of feminism and how women of different backgrounds have approached the movement.

9. Ensure your feminism is intersectional.

10. Acknowledge that sometimes, women need opportunities to discuss feminist issues without the presence of men. And that's okay.

11. When women criticize your involvement in feminism, don't talk over them or talk down to them. Actively listen and be accountable.'

Article here. Men need a new political party to start representing our interests, but unfortunately, the GOP doesn't fit the bill either. Last time anyone got close to starting a viable third party (think Ross Perot), "something just happened" and all efforts stopped. Since then, nothing. Indeed, the fix really is in. Excerpt:

'The most presciently under-appreciated and intentionally ignored book in gender politics was published by David Paul Kuhn in 2007 and titled “The Neglected Voter: White Men and The Democratic Dilemma.” The message is in the title. White men have fled the Democratic Party in droves, for good reason – and why shouldn’t they continue to flee in 2014,— while keeping an eye on 2016?

For those not afraid of being “bullied” by the Democratic left, there are a half dozen long-ignored but critically important problems facing the nation’s males that should bring all voting-age men to the polls in 2014 – perhaps men’s last chance for hope and change before the ice age possibly returns in 2016. Consider six interlocking sets of issues.

First, ask what have the last two Democratic administrations done for boys, men and fathers? Because of “The Woman’s Vote” and his powerful feminist base, Democratic President Obama has given us a Cabinet-level White House Council on Women and Girls. Despite extensive and repeated calls for a gender equivalent White House Council on Men and Boys, Democratic President Obama has refused even to consider the multitude of problems facing males in today’s economy and society.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two days ago, Ezra Klein, the editor of, penned what may be the most repulsive article yet on the subject of affirmative consent laws. Klein's argument in a nutshell: yes, these laws are overbroad and will probably result in innocent men being expelled from college over ambiguous charges. Which is good, because the college rape crisis is so terrible and the need to change the norms of sexual behavior is so urgent that this requires a brutal and ugly response. Or, as Joe Stalin was fond of saying, "When you chop wood, chips must fly." That's the Russian equivalent of “You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

Toward the end, Klein writes:

"Then there's the true nightmare scenario: completely false accusations of rape by someone who did offer consent, but now wants to take it back. I don't want to say these kinds of false accusations never happen, because they do happen, and they're awful. But they happen very, very rarely."

I only just found out, from this column by James Taranto, that the link in this passage goes to my recent piece on Slate XX.

The whole point of which was to rebut the idea that false accusations of rape are so infinitesimally rare that they needn't be a serious factor in deciding whether laws dealing with sexual assault are unfair to the accused.'

Story here. And guess what? No charges will be filed against her. Excerpt:

'She may act charming, but Deanna Griego was apparently willing to do anything to get out of trouble — including accusing a cop of sexually assaulting her.

Thankfully for Albuquerque police officer Jared Frazier, he was recording the whole encounter...
Albuquerque Police Department union president Stephanie Lopez said in a statement to KOB, “The desire to frame officers for wrongdoing is a growing issue facing officers every day. We believe that the public should be held accountable for filing false reports against police officers. These incidents can be very damaging to an officer’s career, so we hope that this individual and others face appropriate consequences for their malicious actions.”

According to the news station, Griego was facing a drunken driving charge but, as of Thursday night, no charges for falsely claiming sexual abuse."
UPDATE: Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Tanner Tixier told TheBlaze on Monday evening that police were not pursuing additional charges against Griego because, despite the apparent falsehood of her sexual assault claim, police did not want to set a precedent that could discourage other potential victims of sexual assault from coming forward.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'8. Your penis does not give you superpowers. It is simply part of your anatomy. It makes you human, with all of the pleasures and obligations that the human experience offers.

9. Hold doors open for women. And men, for that matter. Not because of any sexist traditions, but simply because holding the door is kind and polite. It is just good manners. For the same reason, push in your chair and put the toilet seat down.
11. Pay for dinner and buy her flowers. Not because that will make her more likely to want sex or fall in love; do it just because it is the nice thing to do.'

Story here. Excerpt:

'Officials said a report of a rape late Saturday on the Millersville University campus was false.

The purported victim, a 21-year-old MU student, admitted to police and counselors Sunday afternoon that she was not sexually assaulted Saturday night as she reported, university police Chief Pete Anders said during a press conference Sunday at Gordinier Hall.

Anders said he believed the woman was “working through some things both psychologically and emotionally which may have caused her to make the report (Saturday) night.’’

He said the woman will not be charged with filing a false report.

“Our focus is towards support and care for her,’’ he added."

Anders said although he’s confident a rape didn’t occur Saturday night, he said officials believe the woman may have been victimized in the past.

“I believe that our student, at some point — and it may be in the past month, it may be in the past months — may have been harmed by some sort of intimate partner violence. It may have been an assault as described, it may have been something else.’’

Anders said authorities and victim advocacy counselors will continue to work with the student to determine if such an assault took place.'

Letter here. Excerpt:

'RE “RETHINK Harvard’s sexual harassment policy” (Op-ed, Oct. 15): While the legal critiques of the Harvard Law School faculty members are critically important, so too, from a psychological perspective, are false sexual allegations by women. Such allegations are dismissed by proponents of affirmative consent policies, who say that women never lie about rape, or who cite a 3 percent to 8 percent rate of false allegations.

A recent summary of the false abuse and rape allegation literature can be found in a 2013 book by Phillip Cook and Tammy Hodo titled “When Women Sexually Abuse Men.” While statistics in this literature are problematic, Cook and Hodo report four studies that found false allegation rates of 62 percent, 41 percent, 50 percent, and 60 percent.'

Referenced item: Rethink Harvard’s sexual harassment policy

Article here. Excerpt:

'Donnelly argues that the U.S. military cannot "gender integrate" significant numbers of women into combat arms "without changing and lowering the standards."

The issue of women is combat is not about "women's rights," Donnelly argues, but about ensuring the country's national security, which depends on a capable, all-volunteer military.

"We cannot afford to allow standards to be lowered to accommodate political agendas or social theories or anything of a kind," she tells OneNewsNow.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The odds of this country returning to a draft are almost zero, but the price for failure to register is high and is largely born by the men who can ill afford to pay it: high school dropouts, disconnected inner city residents, ex-offenders and immigrants — legal and unauthorized — who do not know that failure to register can jeopardize citizenship. In other words, those precisely in need of the type of job training, education and citizenship opportunities that could help move them from the margins to the mainstream.
In California, the Selective Service System estimates, men who failed to register were denied access to more than $99 million in federal and state financial aid and job training benefits between 2007 and April of this year. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts saw $35 million in combined lost benefits between 2011 and spring 2014.

"Why are we setting up these barriers?” says Regina Tyler, director of Virginia State University’s Upward Bound program and the Education Opportunity Center, which helps adults return to school. “Why are we attaching them to financial aid? We don’t have a draft, so what is the point?”

The point, supporters of registration long have argued, is that almost-zero odds of conscription are not zero odds.

“You can never say never,” says Lawrence G. Romo,  director of the Selective Service System. “We are a deterrent. We want to make sure our adversaries understand that if we had an extreme national emergency, we would have the draft.”'

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