Australia: 'Traditional masculinity' and mental health: Experts call for gendered approach to treatment

Article here. Excerpt:

'Australia's peak body for psychologists says it will consider developing new practice guidelines for psychologists working with boys and men after the American Psychological Association announced its own set of guidelines for the group last month.

The APA guidelines, which say that "traditional masculine ideology has been shown to limit males' psychological development … and negatively influence mental health", were designed to provide psychologists with an "evidence-based approach" for responding to the particular needs of boys and men.

"The guidelines support encouraging positive aspects of 'traditional masculinity', such as courage and leadership, and discarding traits such as violence and sexism, while noting that the vast majority of men are not violent," the APA wrote on Twitter.

"Traits of so-called 'traditional masculinity', like suppressing emotions and masking distress, often start early in life and have been linked to less willingness by boys and men to seek help, more risk-taking and aggression — possibly harming themselves and those with whom they interact."'

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The odd thing about the guidelines is they offer no real guidelines about treating men, except the general notion that traditional masculinity is harmful. They don't really say how to address these issues--just that they exist.

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... the APA doesn't care abt how men are treated nor intends to. They simply want to bash masculinity and maleness. I guarantee the author of these so-called guidelines is a lesbian feminist who despises the male sex.

Man-hating lesbian feminists have infiltrated a number of institutions at high levels and waste no time implementing their anti-male agenda. Once an institution has been corrupted this way it is a lost cause. The APA can now be ignored.

My suggestion is you ignore them going forward. Also I'd avoid clinical psychologists in general. They're useless. Stick to psychiatrists and social workers. Clin. psychs are wannabe shrinks who lack the applied skills of social workers but act better than them. Totally useless. You can tell by their representing organization, the APA. You have only to read its latest drivel to see what sort of idiots they are.

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is that even a real science? sounds about as legit as lawyers trying to tell me about equality, fairness, truth, justice and professional ethics. don't waste my time. its like plowing behind mules. looking at crap coming from arseholes while doing real work at a real job all the day long.

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