Uni hosts toxic masculinity summit on Super Bowl weekend

Article here. Excerpt:

'Mere hours before New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got his hands on his sixth Lombardi Trophy and Adam Levine took his shirt off at the Super Bowl halftime show, attendees at University of Pennsylvania’s “Men and Masculinities” summit discussed the “performative” nature of today's mainstream masculinity.

"[T]he masculine gender in itself is very performative in certain instances, so creating dialogue and conversation as to what not to do and what’s toxic about that performance is impactful to the kind of interactions you have on campus with other people, Wyatt Perez, a student organizer for the event, said,  according to the Daily Pennsylvanian.
Lastinger often interacts “with undergrads of various genders” and said that graduate associates “often see students who have a lot of internalized toxic masculinity,” according to the Daily Pennsylvanian. The graduate associate previously hosted “A Conversation on Racism” for a freshman dorm to commemorate Thanksgiving.'

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Less than an hour ago I realized that pooh smell in the far corner of my bedroom was not coming from the litterboxes all the way back in the closet. A brief survey revealed that one of the furry little bastards had taken a huge dump on a blanket on the floor near my dresser. Fuck. Like they don't know where the litterboxes are.

Every day I must pick up cat shit three times, maybe four. One of them has taken to shitting in my goddamned kitchen sink! I have bottles of bleach now and go through paper towels like they were about to be outlawed.

Alas the faint smell of cat pee lingers as I tap out this missive on my phone as I lie here on my bed with three cats also perched on it.

Last week I read about some freaky biologist guy with funky hair who years ago pioneered a theory that a small parasite ("T. gondii") carried by cats is known for getting into the cat's intestines then coming out with its shit. Then whatever comes into contact with the shit gets the parasite into it. Then it creates cysts full of eggs that have to hatch where -- back in a cat! The idea here is that small animals that cats eat will contact the cat shit. Anyway, the parasite also invades the host's nervous system, making it do things it normally wouldn't do, like run out in front of cats, making it easy for the cat to catch and eat the host.

This guy and some other freaks did some studies and found that humans with this bug actually DID behave markedly different from ppl without it. Further the behavioral changes were opposite of each other based on the sex of the person. Males with the bug were more prone to risk-taking behavior while females just the opposite. The commonality was heightened anxiety. The idea the theory goes is that if the bug makes the host more anxious or restless, it'll do things to make it easier to be caught by predators like cats. Generally, men respond to restlessness/anxiety more by doing riskier things while women in general seek out places of low stress and a lack of stimulation. Exactly why the sexes tend to respond differently to anxiety isn't quite known but some assholes have theories of various kinds.

Anyway, the eggs in the cysts the bug released in the host get back into the cat along with the bug itself where the eggs hatch, leading to more of the same bugs. And on it goes.

Brilliant! Diabolical but that's how nature is. She's a ruthless bitch.

I may also suggest that this parasite might influence men's minds in such a way as to make them put up with cat-like behavior such as cats taking dumps in inappropriate places like on blankets and in kitchen sinks.

This is the only thing I can think of since any sane person would have done something unthinkable by now, such as giving the little bastards up.

No way in Hell. You'll pry a cat from my cold dead hands before I give any one of them up.

But back to the parasite and its reproductive cycle -- I am starting to think of these kinds of people in universities peddling this crap as being akin to this parasite. They go into the university (the cat) then after gestating they emerge (cat shit) then infect some other creature (parts of society) where they then spread their vileness (egg cysts) then cause the infected creatures much anxiety and perhaps even madness, some of whom then are consumed again by universities (the cat) and these gestating, pupating SJW types then hatch in the universities and the whole thing keeps going around like this.

They're also kind of like Cuthulu, arising from a deep abyss, from a city conceived in hate and built in madness (ie, unis), emerging to spread madness and destruction and swallow men's souls.

Just my 2 cents.

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