UK: Man awarded £250,000 in paternity fraud case

Article here. Excerpt:

'A MILLIONAIRE has been handed a £250,000 payout by his ex-wife after finding out she betrayed him for almost two decades while he believed he was the father of her three sons.

Richard Mason learned Kate Mason had lied about the paternity when doctors told him he had been infertile since birth in 2016.

He made the astounding discovery when he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and told he couldn't father children naturally.

Legal documents seen by the Mail on Sunday reveal Mrs Mason declared a sudden interest in Judaism when she first fell pregnant.

She also insisted all three children have Jewish middle names, something Mr Mason now believes is a clue to the identity of the real father.

Mrs Mason initially said "of course the boys are yours, no matter what the science might suggest" when he revealed he knew he couldn't have conceived them, but later confessed to the betrayal when confronted by her eldest son.
His ex-wife only confessed ten years after they divorced and he had been ordered to pay a £4million settlement.

Mr Mason launched a paternity fraud case, which ended a few weeks ago when his ex agreed to pay an out of court settlement.

She decided to hand back a £250,000 portion of the lump sum after he sought to have the divorce financial settlement “set aside”.'

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after ruining his life,
and wasting his young years, she agrees to give 1/16 of her 'settlement' back if he will just go away? I don't really see 'win' anywhere here for him, or her bastard children.

children should be d.n.a. tested at birth for their own good. the results should be given to each parent for safekeeping. since, thanks to feminism, judges aren't really allowed to speak truth or punish women for their treachery, the least they should do is protect their victims, their 'loved ones'.

want to bet women/feminists would scream bloody murder if lawmakers tried to help children by having them auto-d.n.a. tested at birth? that's not really looking out for the children as they claim to be doing, is it? even so, I don't see a bunch of lawyer/legislators doing anything that women might not like, do you? just wait until the governing bodies are filled w/ them. young men are sooo screwed, and u can thank your mangina fathers guys. they worshipped women back in the day. many, many guys still do. having lots of people fighting for men's rights is a recent thing, just ask the older MRA's. at least we go to the grave (eventually) w/ the knowledge that we did something, at least one thing right. unfortunately for marriage, it may have been too late. women and lawyers/judges (family court) destroyed it.

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