Women to Crazed Feminists: We Will Fight You to Defend Our Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fallout from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the now-debunked allegations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford has expanded the divide not only between Republicans and Democrats, but among women -- the very group Democrats hoped to motivate for this year’s midterms.

As I’ve covered the hearings and the circus surrounding them, I’ve heard a constant refrain -- conservative women are furious about the false allegations leveled against Kavanaugh. They resent the feminist call to believe the woman and thereby assume the man’s guilt simply because he is a member of the male collective.

Feminists have made a mistake assuming that they speak for all women. They don’t.

Many of us are mothers. We have sons whom we love and would defend to our last drop of blood.

We have husbands, fathers, brothers, and male friends we hold in high esteem. Kavanaugh referenced these relationships during his testimony when he pleaded with the committee to consider how they would respond if this happened to a man they loved.'

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wouldn't bet on it, women defending men.

they didn't speak up when feminists applied pressure to the ussc that allowed all the many forms of abortion we have today. I read where one legal scholar said the usually slow process of a bill moving to the ussc was given wings by feminists 'motivating' lawmakers.

at the time they also promised that ' taxpayers will never be required to pay for abortions'. yeah, how's that working out? and they claimed partial birth abortion (destroying babies as they are being born) would never be practiced. yeah, right. heck they have been caught illegally selling baby parts and do you think any conservative women have stopped that practice?

then there was divorce. the divorce rate was very low when my parents were young. then came no-fault divorce. feminists pushed that as well. now the average marriage is a couple of years, and who pays when its over? women? not likely. now we have a thriving divorce 'industry' where lawyers and women get the gold mine, the man gets the shaft. did conservative women step up and protect their sons there? silence?

these last generations have legitimized feminism. they are one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. ever wonder why? because taxpayers fund them. you want ever hear anybody but rand paul question where the billion% they get in taxpayer's $$ is going (v.a.w.a.). there are hundreds of go programs just for women. none for men.

what about affirmative action? that little diddy is costing us all. and what about the perversion of title ix? ever hear of any of these programs getting scrutinized to see if they are being abused? some colleges are approaching 70-80% female enrolment. see anybody in a congress filled w/lawyers trying to cut the numbers back to 50/50? no, and you never will.

I can go on and on about how feminists have had their way in Washington, and NOBODY questioned any of it, especially women, conservative or liberal.

look at how women are still treated/protected as though they were children by the law. feminists are the first demanding men accused of grievous crimes be punished to the max. not so w/ women accused of the same crimes. heck, the judge in that fla. case where the real pretty blond was found guilty of having an 'affair' w/ the young kid. judge most honorable said she was too pretty to go to jail. she had to go back for seconds and thirds to finally get his attention. women typically only get a small portion of the sentences men get for the same crimes. these type of light, almost nonexistent sentences for women are legion. even now making false accusations against any man will ruin that man and destroy his family and what is their sentence, if any? filing a false police report, if any charges are brought at all.

s I said above, I can go on and on about this privileged crew, all the time claiming victimhood. and oh, the stats the feminists float out there for the compliant press to run with., like anywhere from 2 - 8% of women lie about their allegations against men, according to fem-propaganda. odd how every time one surfaces in the news it almost always is a lie. with those odds they should play the lotto more and often.

how about everybody just paint me skeptical about conservative women jumping to the defense of men. talking a good game and actually getting into the scrap are two diff things entirely. no punishment = no deterrent, and neither the half men manginas, crooked lawyers nor any 'conservative women' are going to step up to feminists.

put my $$ on the pass line on this travesty of justice until I see evidence of anything approaching compassion for men by any group of women.

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The typical woman who eschews the feminist label nonetheless is happy to sit by passively while feminists do things to add more and more power over men to the female quiver. Why should they? They have other women doing their work for them.

They may object to XYZ as a matter of principle but expect them to lift a finger to counter feminist excesses? Not a chance.

Others have pointed it out and it's as true today as it was before this past fracas re Brett Kavanaugh: men have no lobby. The average man himself can't predictably stand up for his own interests much less for his sex. Or, he won't. Why expect anyone else to?

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