Transform #MeToo monologue into a #MeToo dialogue

Article here. Excerpt:

'During my years with the National Organization for Women, I saw women struggle to share their truths, and I honor the culmination of this with #MeToo. And during a half-century of forming some 300 men’s groups, I saw that men had their own truths, especially among divorced dads who felt the courts and moms were depriving them of equal time with their children.

The difference? Women have #MeToo. Dads don’t. As I did the research for “The Boy Crisis,” I discovered that some boys feared dad had just abandoned them. As other boys discovered their dad was fighting unsuccessfully for equally shared parenting, they began to fear having children themselves.

Dad-deprived boys lack role models, miss the bonding of roughhousing, and often suffer from a lack of boundary enforcement, leading to problems in school, sports and life. To escape the shame of their failures, millions become addicted to drugs, drinking and video games — or just commit suicide.

President Donald Trump’s remark that it is “a very scary time for young men in America” suggests this is an era when only women are believed.'

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Feminists are ideologues. They won't dialogue or try to see anyone else's POV. We've been trying for 40 years now and they are immobile. They are like Nazis or ISIS. There is no cure. Once a man or woman is infected with third wave feminism, they are irretrievably lost.

But go ahead, try... for the 6,578,767th time. Good luck!

Only complete and total defeat will work. They must be completely stomped out. The ideology must be totally and completely destroyed. Unfortunately there is no other way. The Big Three at Yalta agreed: the Allies would accept only a complete and unconditional surrender from the Axis. True, no conditional one was even feasible, though. Fighting feminists is basically the same situation strategically.

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