Only women can end this war

Letter here. Excerpt:

'The time has come for good women to stand up and defend the good men of America. The very notion that men are somehow predisposed to violence is as flawed a concept as has ever been fabricated by the human mind. Today there are angry, bitter women who would have America believe that generally every single man — and more specifically, every white man — is a predator waiting for an opportunity to abuse a woman.

Here’s the truth: The huge majority of men in America have been raised to respect women at all times, in every circumstance — and we do. My father made it perfectly clear that any abuse of any girl would incur his wrath and that was not something to be taken lightly. I taught that same lesson to my three sons and I know they have begun to pass that same lesson to their boys.'

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They are too cowed by feminists and have ingested enough feminism to keep them quiet. They'll say nothing.

Only men can stop it and we'd succeed if more of us grew a pair and publicly and openly said "No." Just stand up and be counted. Call out feminism and feminists for what they are. Eject any feminists in your life from it. Divorce the vile harpy you're married to (assuming she is one) and leave these women and losers behind.

Ultimately life is a personal experience. Removing persons from your life actively working for your destruction is a good move.

Then start working for theirs. Take the gloves off. These people are our enemies. Treat them as such.

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I just watched a panel of dad's on m.m.s show (7:50 est fox). she had 5 or 6 guys discussing this problem. she started right off claiming that 90-95 % of women's claims against men were true. if so called 'conservative women' can't even tell the truth about the percentage of liars claiming these horrible things, how can they ever get people to believe their super data (collected by feminists)? I've observed in this lifetime that most women can't get anywhere near the truth. my youngest son's mom can't tell the truth. my mom used to laugh when she would catch her in a lie. I've seen more honest surveys (police) who say its much, much higher. and to make matters worse, the guys haven't found the cahonnes to stand up to them. let me predict if this princess mode in our society continues, nothing will change and ruining men will become just another game show on teevee.

game show host: ok, today we have a guy from _____ who not only had to put up w/ his wife's lover coming around, he had to fork over $$ for the guy's many presents. in the ensuing divorce he was hit w/ some serious c.s., alimony, and he found out his kids weren't really his, to which the judge said 'tough luck, pay up and shut up'. he has since become a drunkard, lost his job and gotten hopelessly behind on all of his payments. as a matter of fact, we had to go give the deadbeat sob a ride to the show, and this was only after the warden released him temporarily so he could be on our show called, 'PAY UP SUKKA!'.

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Let's face it guys, we are on our own. Women are too entitled, and they like it whether they are Conservative or Liberal. We can't trust either side to help us.

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Women will never care about men the way men care about women. I reckon that this is going to end with men going on a dual strike:
1) refusing to contribute to society
2) refusing to have anything to do with women

Once women are both sex starved and actually starved, they will likely smarten up. Sadly, it will likely take no less than this to set things right.

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