A Guide to Dating Women Raised in a Matriarchy

Article here. Excerpt:

'I have since learned that it is a shocking amount of trouble to tell men on first dates that I was raised by a single mom. They are always well-intentioned, flirtatious, curious, nice — and blindingly ignorant. At first I thought they just lacked imagination. But I’ve come to see their responses as indicative of a more primal fear: Lots of people think that women need men, if not for their charm and likability, then at least for their ability to father children. A girl with no dad suggests maybe men aren’t so necessary after all.
My mom chose to be a single mom and also had five children: My older siblings and I have donor dads, and my two younger siblings are adopted from Guatemala.

When I tell my dates I grew up without a dad, I can see the synapses in their brains begin to spark. The first question that comes up for them is, I think, simply a curious one: What would a life without a father look like? And then panic sets in: Where did the father go? Were there no men? What happened to the men? Does she hate men? And then, the rational and generous part of the brain re-enters and produces a soothing idea: It must have been a weird and almost inexplicable life, which I can try to excavate through my clever questions.'

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In most cases the way to date a girl raised by a single mom is to do as follows:

1. Put the agreed-upon amount on the table.
2. Tell her to get naked.
3. Bang her.
4. Get dressed.
5. Leave.

Just telling it like it is. Children raised by single mothers are a lot more likely to grow up in either poverty or near-poverty than kids from 2-parent households. Further, single mothers are more likely to get with the "wrong" kind of man as the "right" kind of man typically knows better than to date single mothers. That's cleaning up after someone else's party and who the hell needs that? Thus the more intelligent and higher-status men are naturally selected out of the dating pool for single moms by their decisions to avoid them. This leaves less-intelligent, less-financed men left to do what? Bang a desperate single mother.

I am sure there are guys out there reading this who are dating or got married to a single mom. And I am sure being characterized as, well, stupid and poor, probably offends you. Well I am speaking in terms of generalities here, not particulars. There are far fewer Murphy Browns out there than there are Lady Madonnas (for you young kids, that is a reference to The Beatles' "Lady Madonna" -- Google it. Re Murphy Brown, Google that, too.) So if you are an exception, just understand then that my crass generalization does not apply to you.

If however you are in fact kind of stupid and poor then yes, it does apply to you. And you'll know it it if it does. Unless you're too damn stupid to know it. LOL!

OK, that said, put 2 and 2 together. While female hypergamy is well-established and the feminine tendency to consider a man's finances when deciding to date/bang/marry him comes around is also the stuff of legends, how likely is the daughter of a single mother to start turning tricks for money for bills as compared to a girl with a mom and dad at home? Common sense says more likely. A hell of a lot more likely. And further, after watching a steady stream of losers come in and out of her mom's life and bedroom, what sort of example for relationships with men do you suppose she got? Yep -- take the money, kid. Don't come home with a wet pussy and dry pockets.

So I return to my original reply above. Just how does one go about dating the daughter of a single mother? More often as not, show up with money and leave it on the table before you leave. That is, if you want a second "date" with her.

Does the foregoing offend you? How many people HAVE I offended with the foregoing? Millions. I put it in the millions. But yeah, I can be offensive at times. It comes with the territory. No one ever said Speaking for Wolf would make a man popular.

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Don't date women raised by a single mom who dream of living on an all-female island a la Wonder Woman.

Good chance she'll follow in her mom's footsteps and use a man to get his sperm and his money.

She should follow her heart and move to that island and make out with women and sculpt any kids she wants out of clay. Fine by me.

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