There’s A Chilling New Call For Women To Reject Feminism. We Must Fight It At All Costs.

Article here. Excerpt:

'During the segment, the conservative author admitted that “all reasonable people, myself included, believe women are the full legal, moral, ethical, equals of men” and that feminism did “many good things.” But in the next breath, she stated that “feminism took some wrong turns by endorsing, first of all, the sexual revolution.” 

She continued:

"Have we had enough of crotch grabbers and penis tweeters in this society? Because all of that is what the sexual revolution has gifted us. That, the so-called rape culture on college campuses, hookup culture, the hostility between men and women ― feminism has to take some responsibility because they were cheerleaders for all of that. They thought it was part of women’s liberation to endorse that.”

Charen went on to argue that feminism championed “destroying the old standards about courtship, sexual continence, about dating ― that sex needed to be kept within its box” and lamented the fact that “the sexual revolution said there are no standards ― anything goes and if it’s sexual, great.”

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... can't deal with other women "giving it away" bc they love monetizing female sexuality and using it to control men. Meanwhile they concur that feminism teaching occupational equality to men is fine.

They are simply about this: women should conserve as much power as possible relative to men. Relaxing sexual coercion they feel is bad for women because it's de-monetizing female sexuality.

To repeat: a feminist woman debating a traditionalist woman over things like sex roles are like two slave-owners debating which way is best to hold the whip used to keep men in line.

I suggest rejecting both strains of bitch and stick to banging cheap hookers.

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It may surprise you to hear that I tend to agree with you.

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No surprise at all, Erika. :)

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