No girls, no entry: Is it OK for bars to turn away groups of men?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last month, two gay men were refused entry to a bar in Leeds, with bouncers saying it was for "mixed couples only". Hundreds of people contacted the BBC to say it was normal for groups of men - gay or straight - to be turned away from bars. So is it fair - or legal?
At 11pm, they got a taxi into the city centre and tried getting into a bar. They weren't drunk, they weren't rowdy, and - says Matt - "we don't look the roughest".

Despite that, they weren't allowed in. Why? Because they were men.

"The bouncer just said: 'Not tonight lads,'" says Matt, an IT apprentice. "We were like: 'What?' And he said: 'There's too many lads. You're not coming in.'"

They tried a second bar, and were told the same. A third bar repeated the message: no girls, no entry. Matt was disappointed, but not surprised.

"We are lucky if we go out in town and don't get turned away from somewhere," says Matt. So he is used to being barred from bars - but he doesn't think it's right.'

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... are of course just fine. My take? Your money's as green as anyone else's. Does Jeff Bezos only sell to men? Or just women? Or just brown-eyed ppl? No. He'll sell anything to anyone. And he does. So, he's filthy rich. There's a message there.

I say to anti-male discriminators: go ahead. Keep at it. We'll go spend our money elsewhere. And if one day we open men-only spaces or deny women entrance to places we'll just send you to the women-only clubs and other places. And if you try to force your way in, we'll throw you out. Remember, we ARE in fact able to pick you up and physically throw you out.

As for your women-only spaces, notice men aren't trying to get into them much except in California where doing so nets a nice payoff. Gotta hand it to the CA Con'n for that nice revenue source.

There's a bar I once went to in NYC open since the 1800s that makes its own beer. It used to not allow women. Fist-fighting was forbidden and consequently there was little of it. No waitresses, to this day in fact, though in the 1920s the rule re women changed and they were allowed in. Still, the bar remains largely a destination for large groups of men to drink beer from half-pint mugs served by older men in colorful sportsjackets so they are easily spotted and ID'd as waiters. Great place. Loud, filled with laughter, and beer easily consumed.

Maybe it needs to go back to denying entry to women just to make a point. I mean, fair's fair... or is it?

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They don't have much to do with the story. I just thought MANN readers would find them... something. I hesitate to use the word "amusing".

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