Married Bible teacher accused of having sex with a student

Article here. Excerpt:

'A married Bible teacher was arrested and fired for allegedly having sex with a student, police said.

Suzanne Owen, 35, was charged Thursday with custodial sexual battery after allegations she had a sexual relationship with a student enrolled at Evangelical Christian School in Fort Myers, Florida, The News-Press reported.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said the educator, who taught Bible and Spanish classes, exchanged text messages with the minor for several weeks before they had intercourse.

She was arrested Wednesday just days after the pair reportedly met up off campus to have sex. It’s unclear how authorities became aware of the alleged misconduct.'

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Religious educator or not, it could have been any female teacher teaching anywhere. Not that male teachers don't also bang their students at times. Point is, religiously-minded or not, there exists among all populations of adults both men and women who are sexually drawn to teens. Truth is this is probably evolutionarily adaptive behavior. However it's also legally proscribed. If the teen is in fact consenting as far as Mother Nature is concerned, it's all good. Nature wants babies. The details are of little interest to her. What such ppl are guilty of is less banging an underage teen and more of betraying the kid's parents' trust as well as breaking a mallum prohibito law. My $.02.

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