The Four Terrible Things That Are Destroying Boys In Our Culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'1) Our culture preys relentlessly on a boy's weaknesses.
2) There is a catastrophic lack of male role models.
3) The eduction system is designed for girls.
4) Masculinity is denigrated.

You might think we've already done enough to these boys. We've made our point. We've shoved sex in their face, deprived them of role models, and forced them into an education system that treats their personality as a disease. But we are not satisfied. Finally, in case any have survived the gauntlet, we attempt to bury them in self-loathing.

Femininity is attacked in our culture as well, but not nearly so explicitly or directly. Nobody would ever call femininity itself "toxic" or "fragile." Nobody talks about female "privilege," even though, as I have demonstrated, females enjoy many unique privileges. Nobody would label all women "dangerous" or "potential monsters to be feared." These are the special denigrations reserved only for manhood.

This wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that boys are emerging from childhood already broken. They are in no condition to endure the anti-male onslaught. So, they will stay broken, and we will not acknowledge that they are broken, and we will not face the fact that we are the ones who broke them.'

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Toxic masculinity as a means to make all men toxic to society.
Male privilege as a means of excluding men from services and consideration in policy.
Consent laws that are framed as protecting all people, but only applied to protect women.
Discrimination laws that codify discrimination against men.
It's really quite over and celebrated. Time to go.

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