The #MeToo Movement Is Hurting Women Entrepreneurs

Article here. Excerpt:

'The #MeToo movement started as a powerful curtain-pull, revealing the misogynist underbelly of major industries.

It has turned into a male witch hunt with serious unintended consequence for both sexes.

The headlines have shifted from the shocking, yet not surprising, stories of men abusing their power over women. Now we are seeing men being victimized by the ultra-feminists. But it isn’t just men whose careers are jeopardized by the #MeToo movement’s overexuberance.

The real victims are the women these feminists vow to protect.

The #MeToo movement has weaponized the stories of victims to launch the largest man-bashing campaign this country has ever seen — just in time for Valentine’s Day.'

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Glad she acknowledges the male victims of #MeToo but only a feminist could suggest that women, esp. ones well-heeled enough to start businesses, are somehow the "real victims" of it.

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If it's hurting women, by golly, we should do something about it.

Not before, of course--only if and when it starts hurting women.

Hurting men? Well, men are fair game, just because they're men.

But women? Ah, they must be protected. Poor snowflakes.

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