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Liza Minnelli Sued Over Sexual Harasment
posted by Matt on 12:52 PM November 11th, 2004
News Story here.
I know, I know, innocent until proven guilty. Indeed, he may be making the whole thing up just to get money. Then again, maybe not. Suppose she'll be given the benefit of the doubt because she's a she? I am betting so. We all know what happens in that regard when the sexes are reversed though don't we?

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Sexual Harassment? (Score:2)
by Dittohd on 01:20 PM November 11th, 2004 EST (#1)
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If the roles were reversed, would this be termed "sexual harassment" or rape?


Huh...??? (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 03:36 PM November 11th, 2004 EST (#2)
...Liza Minnelli is a SHE...??

  "Hoka hey!"
Application Please? (Score:1)
by Masculiste on 10:20 PM November 11th, 2004 EST (#3)
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OK, I know your all going UUGGH right about now.

But at low 6 figures a year? That's about a quarter mill a year on contract? Hmm I'm thinkin about that...

...But to have sex demanded from you against your will by a drunken, raging old bag of a woman???

Well HELL, we put up with that when most of us were married. And WE were the ones paying...

So...uh...I guess Liza's lookin for another bodyguard? hmmm...
Re:Application Please? (Score:1)
by mcc99 on 10:41 PM November 11th, 2004 EST (#4)
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Whore! :-)
In fairness (Score:1)
by LSBeene on 02:11 PM November 15th, 2004 EST (#5)
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In fairness ...

If this were a woman who was the "young driver" who had taken 250K a year and had sex and then gotten out: we'd call her a whore who was taking advantage of the outrageous S.H. laws.

If she ended up getting violent and out of control he should have just left. Male or female I don't have a lot of sympathy for someone who takes money for sex ..

No, they don't deserve to be beaten .... but that doesn't change the fact they're still whores who took a check and then later claimed "pressured into sex".

Now, I DO think this further proves Liza's predisposition to violence as her husband (ex) claimed.

Oh, notice no DV experts pulling out HER past to prove the point this woman is a predator?

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