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Woman Reportedly Tortures 'Special Needs' Students
posted by Matt on 12:50 PM November 11th, 2004
News bandersnatch writes "A 48-year-old teacher in Seminole County, Fla., is accused of torturing her autistic students, including allegedly rubbing a child's face in vomit and slamming another child's head so hard that he lost his front teeth."

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Ah, tut tut (Score:1)
by DeepThought (deep.42.thought@gmailEARTH.com) on 08:40 PM November 11th, 2004 EST (#1)
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Remember, Womyn are the compassionate sex, and unlike men are incapible of abusing anyone, including children. That's why you should know the safe choice in divorce situations are to give the children to the Womyn who are better for the child's emotional development and guaranteed not to physically or mentally abuse anyone.

The above are all real arguments I've heard. Now put them into context with the above article. Since women judge all men as rapists and muderers because of a single-digit percentage, why not do the same in this case? And to mentally underdeveloped CHILDREN, even... not fully emotionally developed adults. Christ.
-DeepThought --- Erase the EARTH to gmail me.
Lock her up (Score:2)
by AngryMan (end_misandryNOSPAM@yahoo.co.uk) on 09:55 AM November 13th, 2004 EST (#2)
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F*cking jail her, and throw away the key.

Feminism will continue as long as there is money to be made from hating men.
Unfortunately, this doesn't surprise me (Score:1)
by Dr. Dan on 02:58 PM November 24th, 2004 EST (#3)
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In their book, The Magic Feather: The Truth About "Special Education," William and Lori Granger share their discovery, among many others, that the overwhelming majority of kids labeled "learning disabled" (now ADD/ADHD) are boys.

The book, published in 1986, was therapeutic for me. I had a special-ed teacher in second grade, whose method of behaivor modification was confinement in a plywood "time-out box," which was about the size of a phone booth and resembled a shipping case for animals, complete with air holes near the top. The time of detention varied with the "offense," which included such things as chewing on one's own shirt, saying "Uh-uh" in response to the teacher, etc. This was in addition to a litany of pseudopsychological insults and encouraging classmates to ridicule "incorrect" behavior.

Special education programs can be a godsend for those who need them. But all too often, teachers who aren't adequately trained or are emotionally incapable of dealing with emotionally handicapped children, add to those handicaps with these long-lasting scars.

Bless those who stopped the Florida teacher from hurting those kids anymore. May she never get near another child again.

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