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Top 10 Habits of Great Dads
posted by Scott on Thursday May 31, @09:40AM
from the fatherhood dept.
Fatherhood Nightmist writes "MSN published The Top 10 Habits of Great Dads today. In typical MSN fashion, they posted the list on the "Women Central" portion of their Web site (they have no section dedicated to men). The list comes from the 1999 book "Throwaway Dads" by Ross D. Parke and Armin A. Brott."

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MSN is regularly sexist against men... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday May 31, @04:02PM EST (#1)
At work, my browser by default opens to MSN, and I have seen many anti-male articles. Some of the articles are shockingly sexist, while other articles are more inclined to make women appear smarter and superior to men in most every regard. I should start sending the blatantly sexist stories from MSN to this site for discussion...


MSN published many positive articles for mothers day, every article was celebrating motherhood (and this is a good thing). Now, as we approach fathers day, MSN needs to tell "Dads" how to be good fathers. Can you imagine them running such articles for women and their behavior? Most every article in MSN is from a perspective feminist perspective, and never visa-versa. Why was this article in the "Women's Section" anyway?

This "top ten list for Dads" may actually have some good advice in it, but in reality it is just part of MSN's clever use of sexism against men.
by Emanslave on Thursday May 31, @11:50PM EST (#2)
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I guess the best solution for the men's rights activists to do with this company which is anti-male is to boycott!!

What does the woman part of the MSN service have to do about the fatherhood issue? albeit this is gonna create more problems all the way to Father's Day!

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