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Where are all the College Guys?
posted by Scott on Friday May 11, @01:46PM
from the education dept.
Education Spartacus submitted this link to a USA Today article about the decline of men in higher education. Colleges and Universities are realizing that they are reaching a threshold where men are going to think twice about going to a school which is overwhelmingly female, and affirmative action for male applicants has caused a lot of controversy. "University of Georgia lost a lawsuit defending its policy of male preference last summer when a female student was denied admission." With the U.S. economy the way it's been, men are being able to slip by without many consequences. But as the economy turns down, a college degree becomes increasingly important to have.

Source: USA Today [newspaper]

Title: Hey, where are all the college guys? Universities fret about how to attract males as women increasingly dominate campuses

Author: Karen Sloan

Date: May 10, 2001

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No to affirmative action (Score:1)
by Nightmist (nightmist@mensactivism.org) on Friday May 11, @02:07PM EST (#1)
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I do not support affirmative action as a solution to this problem, but I most certainly believe college campuses should be more male-friendly. It occurs to me that no one has mentioned the lack of rights men have on college campuses as a contributing factor to the decline of male students. We all know the most recent examples: Colorado State U., policies at other universities to automatically convict men who are accused of sex crimes without due process. The list goes on.
Re:No to affirmative action (Score:1)
by Tom Campbell (campbelt@NOSPAMusa.net) on Saturday May 12, @09:06AM EST (#3)
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I agree...the last thing that men need is a whiney affirmative action program. We are not victims and should never, ever see ourselves that way. If we do, we will fall into the pity pit with women.
Elementary and Secondary Education Are Deficient.. (Score:1)
by frank h on Friday May 11, @02:42PM EST (#2)
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Never mind affirmative action: why not improve education at the elementary and secondary levels? In NJ, the 4th and 8th grade standardized tests indicate that boys are 13-16% behind the girls in language arts while in math and science the girls are on par with boys. The National Assessment of Educational Progress supports this, and has for the last three years. I urge everyone to go complain to their local school board and DEMAND a change.
The Law and Education (Score:1)
by cshaw on Saturday May 12, @10:11PM EST (#4)
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The law has has been used to force political indoctrination and norms into education at all levels to the unjust detriment of males, especially white males such that their career goals, their liberty and their property both actual and potential is plundered from them through the force of governmental laws which grants preferential treatment to women and minorities in education.
Teachers, in general, are appointed by the government with the end of furthering governmental poltical norms and goals. That shoud end.I assure you that I, and all rational males, repudiate this discriminatory forced governmental privilege given to women and minorities not the trully equal and just treatment of women and minorities in education. The trully equal and just treatment of males, females, and minorities encourages true fraternity and equality and justice amongst all groups. The forced governmental political preferential treatment of women and minorities in education, and through out our entire society,to the unjst expense of males, especially white males, does nothing more than deprive women and minorites of their individual responsibilities to live up to ethical and performance standards and deprives men, especially white males, of justice and equality which causes them to avoid the same educational system which systematically plunders them of their rights, their property, and their freedoms.
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