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In a Slumping Ad Market, Men's Magazine Thrives
posted by Scott on Friday May 11, @06:44AM
from the media dept.
The Media Nightmist writes "Regardless of your opinion of Playboy, I found this article on Excite interesting. Increasingly, advertising agencies have been marketing directly to women and pretty much ignoring men. Now, with advertising in a general slump and the economy going downhill, marketing directed at men (at least for this magazine) is thriving, while other publications are suffering from dramatically slashed customer ad budgets. The news is proof to me that men, contrary to recent convention, should not be ignored by ad agencies as important consumers, and that marketing to men works just as well as marketing to women. There is, however, a new disturbing trend in marketing toward men. Has anyone seen the new Rogaine commercials for men? They encourage us to "ask her if she wants you to use it." If I want to use Rogaine, shouldn't that be MY decision?"

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So True (Score:2)
by Marc Angelucci on Friday May 11, @08:24AM EST (#1)
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Not just Rogaine but a heap of other ads on hair replacement have women making comments about how sexy it is for a man to have a full head of hair. I see at least as much exploitation of males in the media via steroid-inducing imagery, male-bashing, jokes about violence against them or killing men, etc. But we hear almost nothing about it while we are flooded with articles on media images of women.

Incidentally, on the ad issue, American Demographic (1991 if I recall) shows that women spend as much or more than men in every consumer category. (Just compare the floor space in your local Macy's.) And yet men "make more" and thus are "privileged" (for earning money that someone else spends). Even alot of "male" spending is an illusion. Ask any worthwhile real estate salesperson who they really are pitching to when they sell a house, regardless of who is paying. They know who usually makes the decision. But on paper, the man buys it. OH those privileged pig-headed men!
Re:So True (Score:1)
by BusterB on Friday May 11, @12:09PM EST (#2)
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Overheard while with a friend of mine who is a real estate agent:

"If the couple separates, I follow the woman. If he doesn't like the house, he'll eventually get over it. If she doesn't like the house, he knows that he'll be miserable until they move."
Kudos to smart advertisers (Score:1)
by BusterB on Friday May 11, @12:13PM EST (#3)
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I have to interject some kudos to smart advertisers.

Ever notice that the ads for Robaxacet have changed? They still have the dancing marionettes, and the male marionette still gets back pain, in the form of pins in his back.

However, it used to be that it was a female marionette who pushed the Robaxacet on screen and then pulled the pins from the "man"'s back.

Now the pins just vanish on their own.

I didn't think that the ad was all that bad before, but being as it was in the mileu of a half dozen or so other ads in which "Dr. Mom" always knows how to heal everything while the floundering, sick man just bumbles through life, it was still mildly irritating. I was encouraged that the people who market this product were sensitive enough to notice that maybe leaving the "woman's healing touch" out of the ad made it better. And it did.
Re:Kudos to smart advertisers (Score:1)
by Nightmist (nightmist@mensactivism.org) on Friday May 11, @12:42PM EST (#4)
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I wrote a letter last week to Rogaine complaining about their current "wife knows best" ad. If I receive a response, I'll post it here. I *did* notice last night that the ad on Sci-Fi had been shortened/edited a bit. I wonder if they've received other complaints?

Also, the makers of "Tylenol for Women" changed their father-bashing ad a while back, editing out the "Face it, guys. It's a woman's world." I likewise complained to them about that ad. I wish they'd pulled it completely.

I'm curious to know if the man-bashing Arbor Mist or Nestle Treasures ads are still running anywhere. I haven't seen them in over a year.
Just wondering whats wrong with PB? (Score:1)
by nagzi (nagziNO@SPAMPLEASEphreaker.net) on Friday May 11, @01:28PM EST (#5)
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In the posting there is bit of a suggest that PB isn't that great of a publication. And also i have read on other pages about a campagin to boycott it also. So i was just wondering about what made anti-male?
Re:Just wondering whats wrong with PB? (Score:1)
by Nightmist (nightmist@mensactivism.org) on Friday May 11, @01:53PM EST (#6)
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That's an excellent question. I must point out that I did not intend to suggest that Playboy is a bad publication. I *do* know that there are varying degrees of opinion about it, though, and I was attempting to mention it objectively. My apologies if my statement made it sound as though I was condemning it. For what it's worth, I have Asa Baber's recent "The Male Minority" column posted on my bulletin board.
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