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Men Again Blamed For AIDS Epidemic
posted by Scott on Friday December 01, @11:48AM
from the news dept.
News John L. writes "I found on USA Today this story from a London AP news release. In connection with World AIDS Day, the following statement was released: "The United Nations' message for the 13th World AIDS Day was that men must take responsibility for their behavior to help stop the spread of the deadly virus.'...'Men can make a particular difference - by being more caring, by taking fewer risks and by facing the issue of AIDS head-on,' U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said." It appears men alone must take "responsibility" for their actions, the implication being that men are responsible somehow for this epidemic. The article also later singles out men as being disease vectors, while ignoring that virtually all infections of babies are transmitted from the mother, and that women can infect men from having intercourse as well. Statistics indicate that the majority of HIV carriers are women, and women are as likely as men to be unaware of the infection. Seems like more scapegoating of men to me."

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