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City Living Increases Men's Risk Of Death
posted by Adam on Friday December 01, @02:49PM
from the men's-health dept.
Men's Health According to a University of Michigan study, "men who lived in urban areas were 62 percent more likely to die than men who lived in suburbs, small towns or rural areas" What's interesting are the race and gender comparisons in this article. However, this study does seem a bit inconclusive. I believe we need to keep an open mind on this until more scientific studies are done. Scott's note: While I didn't see any direct gender comparisons in the article, the way it was worded suggested to me that women do not have a corresponding rise in mortality rate from city living - and this is why this is most newsworthy.

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Pure supposition on my part (Score:1)
by BusterB on Friday December 01, @06:25PM EST (#1)
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I'm just guessing, but I believe that women do "...have some social, psychological, or biological resources that buffer or protect them from the hazard of city life." That buffer, I think, is called 'men'.
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