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Action Alert: Write To Barnes & Noble!
posted by Scott on Thursday October 12, @07:24PM
from the inequality dept.
Inequality Marc Angelucci has informed me of an activism project to establish a Men's Studies book section at the major bookseller Barnes & Noble. One of their major competitors, Borders, already has a Men's Studies section, so if we make some noise and express interest in it, B&N is likely to comply. Check out the Mensactivism.org activism projects page for full details and a sample letter Marc wrote up. It will only take a minute of your time!

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Men's Studies (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Saturday October 14, @12:39PM EST (#1)
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I'm posting this for Ken Robertson - thanks for your activism, Ken!:

Dear Barnes & Noble:

I noticed you have an enormous women's studies section but no men's studies section. I enjoy your stores and I have made online purchases, but having such a biased selection of books on gender issues really makes your store appear outdated. There are many books addressing men's issues, and it would be nice if, when I visit your store, I could stop by a men's studies section to see what's available. Please contact me and let me know why there is not one.

Thank you,

Kenneth Robertson

Here's my letter. (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Saturday October 14, @12:42PM EST (#2)
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[address info blah blah]

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a regular customer of Barnes & Noble, not only at local retail stores but also on-line, as I am participating in a boycott against Amazon.com due to their needless patent on 1-click shopping. Recently, I have noticed another issue of great personal and philosophical importance to me, the lack of a Men's Studies book section in your retail stores. Barnes & Noble does include a separate section for books on Women's Studies, and I see no reason why you should not devote a section to Men's Studies. It would demonstrate that your store is fair and non-discriminatory when it comes to the representation and accessibility of gender issues.

As I have noticed that Borders Books does have a well-stocked section on Men's Studies, I do have an alternative to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com when it comes to doing business in retail stores or on-line. I do hope that your store will soon add a Men's Studies section so that I can maintain my business with you and have a clear conscience.

Thank you for your time,

Scott Garman

Cynthia Lam's Letter. (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Tuesday October 31, @06:07AM EST (#3)
(User #3 Info) http://www.vortxweb.net/gorgias/mens_issues/index.html
I'm posting this for Cynthia Lam:

Dear Barnes & Noble,

I am a student at Pasadena City College. I recently read a few articles about men's issues. I became interested in some of the subjects and came to your bookstore to browse the topics. But I only saw a women's studies area. I found out that your bookstore had some books on the men's issues I wanted to find. But it would have been easier to find them in a section for men rather than having to search all over and bother the staff. And also, if there were a men's section, I could look at other books covering the topic. I just wanted to write and suggest the idea of creating a section for men's topics.

Cynthia Lam
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