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More Commentary On Columbia's Sex Misconduct Code
posted by Scott on Friday October 13, @05:33AM
from the false-accusations/education dept.
False Accusations The Washington Times printed this article a few days ago which comments on the recently enacted sexual misconduct policy at Columbia University. Paul Craig Roberts comes straight out and confronts the issue of false accusations, and I'm sure this article will stir up a lot of controversy. Please help keep a dialogue going about this, and don't let it fade away from the media's attention - we can't afford to let this take root in our society.

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This policy MUST be reconsidered! (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Saturday October 14, @12:10PM EST (#1)
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I'm posting this for cmfritz:


        Regarding your new post about Columbia Universtity's sexual misconduct
policy, I thought I might share a copy of the letter I recently sent to Dr.
Rupp. If there is anything there you feel you can use, please feel free to
do so. As always, thank you and keep up the great work!

      Dr. Rupp:

      I have read studied to some extent your school's new sexual misconduct
policy, and I have to say that this policy, if fully implemented, could have
OMINOUS repurcussions, in regard to our freedoms granted by the Constitution
of the United States.
      It is my understanding that Columbia is a private institution, and you
are its president, but if you think that your position frees you from your
obligations as a citizen of this country, and of the human race, you are
gravely mistaken.
    I certainly understand your desire to protect the women on your campus[if
this is what you truly believe you are doing], but if you already believe
that all men are nothing but sexual predators, and thus must be controlled,
you should also realize that many of the women who say they are victims, are
not necessarily telling the truth. DO you realize it?
I wonder.
      First of all, I don't BELIEVE that all men are ravenous sexual predators,
as do the men and women who drafted this policy. As members of the human
species[even if they do have it in them to be rapists.
and molesters, whatever the case may be, I believe that this is a common to
EVERYONE, men and women], they are more than willing to be governed by
existing policy, laws and social conditioning, that exist already.
      Whether or not a new sexual misconduct policy on your campus is called
for, many people have serious doubts that this is the one that should be
implemented. For this reason, I believe, as do many other people, that this
policy should, and more importantly, must be reconsidered.
      Thank you for your consideration.


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