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Deidra Lane Says She Shot In Self Defense
posted by Scott on Wednesday August 30, @08:40PM
from the domestic-violence dept.
Domestic Violence Here's some new news on the Lane domestic violence tragedy: Deidra Lane told the 911 operator that her husband had hit and choked her before she shot and killed him. ABCnews has the story here. Want to see something interesting? Observe how little attention this case got up until this point, and then see how much attention it will be given from this point on. It was not stated in the article if there was any physical evidence, ie, a physician's report, that would validate her claims of being abused.

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Fred Lane (Score:1)
by krob4399 on Thursday August 31, @04:25AM EST (#1)
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It seems to me that a woman who is capable of shooting a man she has already murdered is capable of lying too. If she could plan to collect on a $5 million dollar insurance policy, I believe she could also plan ahead for what she would say to the 911 operator after she pulled the trigger twice. Why didn't she go for help outside the house instead of going for a shotgun? It's bewildering to say the least. She lucked out and got a female prosecutor so she may be lucky enough to get an unbiased all-female jury.
Ken Robertson
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