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New Info On The Suicide Gap
posted by Scott on Wednesday August 30, @10:46AM
from the men's-health dept.
Men's Health An anonymous reader sent in this link to a short UK Times article on male suicide - in an interesting context. Apparently it is the case that power line workers and people (generally men) who work with large electrical machinery are more likely to kill themselves. The reason for this is that exposure to high magnetic fields affects the levels of melatonin in the brain. Perhaps this should call for suicide prevention programs at these types of workplaces?

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Effects of ELF EM Fields on Suicide Risk (Score:1)
by George on Wednesday August 30, @10:16PM EST (#1)
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I found another article on this topic here that covers the story in a little more depth. These are interesting findings. This story says the article has been published in a scientific journal, so it will be interesting to see what the scientific community says, and whether it sparks more research.

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