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British Government Pushes For More Rape Convictions
posted by Scott on Sunday July 30, @03:48PM
from the rape-news dept.
News IHF highlighted a Guardian Observer story about the current status of rape convictions in Britain. Last year close to 8,500 rape cases were reported, but only 634 were carried through to conviction. From the article: "The Home Office has now demanded action from the Crown Prosecution Service and the police to push up the low figure. Campaigning groups say Britain should learn from America, where the use of special advocates who support women through the courts has pushed conviction rates above 50 per cent in Washington and New York states." If Britain is going to "learn from America" with rape procsecution, what that really means is that they're going to start securing convictions without evidence and making people guilty until proven innocent. This is disturbing news.

The Horror Of Being Falsely Accused | NCFM E-Zine Gazette, Vol 15  >

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