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President Clinton Commutes 4 Women's Drug Sentences
posted by Scott on Monday July 10, @07:16AM
from the launching-myths dept.
Inequality According to this Associated Press story, President Clinton has commuted the sentences of 4 women convicted and doing time for drug crimes. The reason for doing so: the women received much harsher sentences than the men which were also involved. Now, it does seem to be true that in this case these women were given unfair sentences (by comparison to the men's sentences), but you can almost feel an uprising of a new feminist myth: that women receive harsher punishment than men for the same crimes. Please do what you can to head off this myth as soon as possible; efforts made now will make a much bigger impact than if we let it slide for awhile.

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Where's the evidence? (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Monday July 10, @07:31AM EST (#1)
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Since I'm not an expert on this topic myself, I thought I'd ask: can anyone offer sources which demonstrate bias against men in prison sentencing? It would help us letter writers tremendously if someone who knows this would share their knowledge.

Re:Where's the evidence? (Score:1)
by sjh140 on Monday July 10, @09:19PM EST (#2)
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There's lots of data at this site on sentencing and actual time served. http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/dtdata.htm#time So far I've only found data for State prisons. A comparison of time served for a given crime by men vs women shows men serving longer sentences in ALL categories.
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