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Female Student Harasses Germaine Greer
posted by Scott on Sunday July 09, @04:29PM
from the obvious-questions dept.
News In a bizarre bit of news, a female student has admitted in court to holding Germaine Greer (a well-known feminist) captive in Greer's home and harassing her. The punishment? Two years of probation. I don't think I need to raise the obvious question: what would have happened if the student were male? I'll leave that to your own imagination. An ABCnews report of the court verdict can be found here.

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I guess that's what feminism can do to you... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Sunday July 09, @04:40PM EST (#1)
The subject says it all. And yeah, they would have hung the guy out to dry if it was a man. Anon
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