Are Family Courts Biased Against Fathers?

Claude sent me this link to an article from Insight Magazine. It's a point/counterpoint debate on whether the family court system is biased against dads. Stephen Baskerville, a great choice for the article, lists more than a dozen jaw-dropping injustices that fathers have received at the hands of family courts, and claims that this mistreatment is not uncommon. Tim Tippins argues that while the courts aren't perfect, most fathers do get a fair shake in court, and custody decisions are generally not unfair to men. Read it and decide for yourself - and furthermore, send a letter to the editor expressing your own views. Baskerville mentions in an e-mail that "This magazine is sent to all congressional offices and media outlets, and it is influential with policy makers."
Source: Insight Magazine

Title: Q: Are family courts prejudiced against fathers?

Authors: Stephen Baskerville and Tim Tippins

Date: June 18, 2001

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