Gender rights group, Yale battle in court over whether fraternities should admit women

Article here. Excerpt:

'The continuing saga over the issue of Yale fraternities having to admit women hit the courts last week as motions to dismiss the case, and oppositions to those motions, were heard by a district court.

Almost three years ago, a group called Engender, which advocates “for a more inclusive social environment on campus,” demanded Yale officials sanction fraternities for gender discrimination because they don’t allow women and “non-binary” individuals to become members.

Engender had worked out an agreement with the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity to allow “non-males” to rush; when none of those who rushed were admitted, however, that’s when the group looked to utilize Title IX and “Yale’s policies on gender discrimination” to force the issue.

According to the Yale Daily News, early this year three Yale female undergrads (below) filed a federal class-action complaint which Engender joined three months later. The complaint argues Yale’s fraternities “discriminat[e] on the basis of gender and of foster a sexually hostile environment.”
There are campus organizations called sororities, of course, and Engender has “no official position” on whether they should be integrated. The reason: “[W]hereas fraternities deliberately cultivate themselves as social spaces, sororities tend towards intimate associations and do not affect wider social trends at Yale in the same manner.”

Even CBS News had issues with this sort of logic. Back when the original complaint was filed, one of its reporters asked the three plaintiffs why they would want to join a group “in which unknown individuals ‘grinded’ against them at parties.”'

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