An insane drive for more quotas at the FDNY

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new City Council proposal seeks to diversify the Fire Department, “ensuring that the racial, ethnic and gender demographics of the department’s firefighters reflect that of the city’s population as a whole.”

The proposed law is aimed specifically at increasing the number of women in the FDNY; accompanying legislation mandates the upgrading of all firehouses to “establish full integration of a mixed-gender workforce,” with separate bathrooms and sleeping areas.
Consider the demographics of New York City employment generally — and the kind of jobs that attract women, compared to men. Of 400,000 city employees, for example, 59 percent are women. That’s already skewed from the city’s total employment figures, where women comprise less than half of the workforce.

And there is tremendous variety in employment patterns among and within city departments. There are more than 90,000 teachers in the school system, 77 percent of whom are women. Teachers earn a median salary around $86,000, slightly higher than that of firefighters and police officers.'

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