Johns Hopkins University Fires Professor Who Defied Campus Protesters

Tangential to the MRM, this story demonstrates the degree to which The Crazies have taken over and now rule over college administrators. Excerpt:

'Johns Hopkins University has fired Daniel Povey, an associate professor of speech and language processing, who used bolt cutters to gain entry to an administration building on campus that was taken over by student protesters who had chained the doors shut.

The university, located in Baltimore, has been attempting to create a private, armed campus police force to deal with crimes on and around campus for months. In April, activists from SAPP (Students Against Private Police), took over Garland Hall, the main administration building. Some chained themselves to railings and fixtures while others chained the building’s doors.
On May 8, Professor Povey went to Garland Hall and used a pair of bolt cutters to cut the chains on the doors, outraging the students inside.

"I was the main person in charge of managing the servers in the basement of that building, which are used by me and a large group of researchers in CLSP [Center for Language and Speech Processing]," Povey told the Washington Free Beacon.

"That morning I was told the situation could last for weeks, and during that time we would have no physical access to the building. Servers were already starting to crash, and I felt it would not be long before our whole research infrastructure was unavailable."

In a long post on his personal blog, Povey says that student protesters took hold of him physically and carried him out of the building. He then claims that the students reported him to the school's Office of Institutional Equity for attacking them.

Povey was fired by Johns Hopkins on August 8, following an investigation. A letter from Andrew S. Douglas, vice dean for faculty, cites complaints that Povey's conduct "was motivated by racially discriminatory animus and created a hostile environment." A few paragraphs later, it states in bold letters: "We are hereby terminating your appointment with the university."'

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He says they can go fuck. Good for him.

Why again does anyone work at a university these days?

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It is a stupid and sad state of affairs but perhaps it is a lesson in the kind of tactics the MRM needs to deploy on campuses to get its point across.

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