College settles anti-male bias lawsuit rather than face a jury

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the longest-running Title IX lawsuits stemming from the Obama administration’s “Dear Colleague” sexual-misconduct guidance has settled.

A federal judge ruled last month that a jury would decide whether Grinnell College violated an accused male student’s Title IX rights and breached his contract by treating him differently than his female accusers.

That apparently prompted the Iowa liberal arts college to settle with “John Doe.” A joint notice of settlement published Friday says they plan to file a stipulation of dismissal next week, preempting the jury trial scheduled to start Sept. 16.

The actions of Grinnell officials were called into question by U.S. District Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger in the July ruling.

One of them is former chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, Marsha Ternus, now a lawyer in private practice who specializes in student conduct adjudications.'

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