Women’s Group Complains About Women Holding Most College Debt, Blames Sexism

Article here. Excerpt:

'It seems that women these days have absolutely no control over their own choices, as consequences that stem from the choices they make are explained as the result of institutional sexism.
“Women hold almost two-thirds of the outstanding student debt in the U.S. — about $929 billion. The gender pay gap is one factor that keeps women from paying off their debt as quickly as men,” the group tweeted.

The tweet leaves out the obvious – that women are the majority of college graduates, so it makes sense that they would have the majority of outstanding debt. The AAUW study mentions this early on, but as with all things from the AAUW, the study goes on to blame sexism for the reason women don’t pay off their debt as quickly as men.
The gender wage gap is also not a “wage” gap at all, but an earnings gap due to the different choices men and women make in their careers, such as taking time off. Yet organizations like Time’s Up and AAUW exist to convince women they are oppressed and discriminated against, so they continue to peddle false information year after year despite consistently being called out by even left-wing media outlets.

The only real solution is to control the choices women make – but no one, rightly, would make such an absurd argument.'

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Thanks for posting this, Matt.

I LOLed for about two minutes straight upon reading the title.

Then again, I am not surprised. The political left hates personal accountability and loves blaming the results of personal choices on some boogeyman. In this case, let's take women's own decisions to get incur debt and blame it on men. Let's also overlook the garlingly obvious fact that it would be a statistical outlier for men to carry more debt when they are in fact the minority gender in higher education these days.

It makes me sad how modern people tend to be so illogical and ill-equipped to deal with numbers.

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I would also like to invite the women from the group to check their privilege, seeing that women have access to a plehtora more student funding than men, despite being the majority of students, and all simply for possessing the more valued shape of genitalia.

P.S. Sorry for the "get incur" typo in the first message. I thought I deleted "get" before I posted it.

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