Little boy, afraid of getting circumcised, stays up on roof for three hours before being talked down

Article here. Excerpt:

'Most Indonesian boys, especially Muslims, get circumcised around the age of five. Many remember the procedure with a certain fondness since circumcisions are traditionally treated as a rite of passage into manhood that is rewarded with parties and presents. But there’s no doubt that the idea of having someone take a knife to your most sensitive region is a terrifying thought for most boys (and men) so we completely understand what was going through this kid’s mind.
Dr. Anik then muses that the actual circumcision only took 10 minutes, but she had to wait three hours to perform it. But she ends by saying that three hours is not a long time compared to the valuable lesson she got from a great person, the boy’s teacher (unfortunately, the doctor doesn’t describe what exactly the teacher said to the boy, but it must’ve been one hell of a speech).

The circumcision story has gone viral since Dr. Anik posted it on Monday, amassing over 2,000 likes and over 900 shares.'

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