Baby has penis amputated after ‘botched circumcision by nurse pretending to be doctor’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ashraf Helmi claims he originally took his one-month-old son Mohamed to hospital in northern Cairo, Egypt, for vaccinations.

But while there, the father says he was persuaded by his sister-in-law and a family friend to have his son circumcised.

He told local media that he agreed to let a doctor at the Manti Medical Centre in Shubra El-Kheima perform the operation.

Mr Helmi alleges that it was only afterwards that he discovered the medical professional was in fact a nurse.

Speaking to a local news broadcaster, he said: "She did it at an emergency room and not an operation room.

"I made sure I was there because you hear of all the botched surgeries out there.

"After finishing, she then fastened the gauze so tightly and when I told her it's very rough for a small boy, she said, 'I know what I'm doing!'"'

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While individual tragedies are worth highlighting, the real issue here is in those few words the father speaks " hear of all the botched surgeries out there."

Sadly, the foolish man was nevertheless persuaded to risk his healthy son in a totally unnecessary operation that was always going to do more harm than it stood a chance of doing any good at all.

Western nations have an even bigger problem. Operations intended to merely damage a boy's sexual organs are too often botched in our own supposedly developed country. Yet we do not hear of it. We do not even hear about it when a child dies as a result, which is nowhere near as rare as the uninformed might think.

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