Feminist wins award for chair designed to stop ‘manspreading’

Article here. Excerpt:

'We've all been there: having successfully bagged a seat on the tube against all odds, we find ourselves squished between two men, both sitting with knees so far apart that our own could not get closer together to avoid being knocked.

Yes, manspreading is possibly one of the biggest bug bears for women on public transport - and now a feminist designer has come to the rescue.

Laila Laurel, a 3D Design & Craft graduate from the University of Brighton, has designed a chair that features a triangular seat which encourages men to sit with their legs closed, creating a potential solution to the scourge of manspreading.
As well as receiving plenty of praise for her design, Laurel’s work has been presented with the Belmond Award for emerging talent.

The luxury hotel and leisure company says it looks for designs that show “imaginative and cleverly presented ideas with a considered overall look and feel along with the quality of work displayed”.

Following the announcement, the judging panel said that Laurel’s chair was “a bold, purpose-driven design that explores the important role of design in informing space, a person’s behaviour and society issues of today”.'

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... on a toilet, though?

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The Independent must be short of news to spread the day's dose of misandry. This was reported much earlier by others. Justice for Men & Boys had a blog piece on it almost two weeks earlier.

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