S. Korea: 'Radical feminism as toxic as terrorism,' says politician

Article here. Excerpt:

'Lee Jun-seok, a Supreme Council member of the minor opposition Bareunmirae Party, likened the radical feminist group Womad [link added] to a terrorist group, accusing them of spurning gender-based hatred and agitating women to fight against men.

"Womad activists don't detonate or throw bombs, but what they do is no different from terrorism," he claims in his newly-released book "Fair Competition: Asking Value and Future of Korea's Conservativism."

Womad, a compound word of "women" and "nomads," was launched in February 2017 as a splinter group from the online community Megalia. The group has since been controversial for using extreme means to fulfill their cause.

"Through their past deeds, Womad activists showed us what kind of toxic damage they could inflict on their male targets," Lee said in the book. "The activists destroy those men until they are unable to recover from the damage. I wonder how they are different from the terrorists who committed the Sept. 11 attacks which took the lives of some 3,000 people. Both Womad and terrorists are extremists and pose a threat to the society as they try to justify their ill-minded causes at the expense of others."'

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