Ph.D. Student Files Federal Complaint, Says USC Retaliated Against His Pro-Men Title IX Activism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last month, Kursat Christoff Pekgoz, a Ph.D. student and Provost's Fellow at the University of Southern California (USC), filed a federal complaint against USC under Title IX. In the complaint, Pekgoz claims that USC officials retaliated against his activism on behalf of men who face sex discrimination, including in his own case of alleged sexual assault. Title IX historically defended women from sex discrimination, but given the fact that women now dominate universities (with many programs Pekgoz has termed "affirmative action" still in place to advance women only), Pekgoz has led efforts to defend men.

"On college campuses, the odds are really stacked against male students since women are the majority of students," Pekgoz argues in a video about his case. "My experiences and my research have led me to believe that men face discrimination in various walks of life here in the United States. Men face significant forms of discrimination in family courts, also in the criminal justice system, and last but not least in the education system."'

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