Federal officials are investigating Northwestern’s Title IX process after two men allege gender bias and failure of due process

Article here. Excerpt:

'The U.S. Education Department is investigating claims that Northwestern failed to offer due process to two men accused of sexual misconduct against female students.

The two men, an athletic recruit and NU student at the time of the alleged incidents, claim in separate complaints to the agency that they were denied a fair Title IX process and are accusing the University of gender discrimination. Northwestern opened two separate Title IX investigations — one after the recruit was accused of sexual violence and one after the student was accused of sexual assault.

The complainants are asking for corrective actions and reversals of apparent action taken against them as a result of Northwestern’s investigations. One accuses the University of engaging “in the gender-biased practice of ‘always believing the victim.’” The complaint also accuses the University of violating Education Department guidelines for investigations of sexual misconduct.'

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