Vile Verdict In The U.K., And What It Portends

Article here. Excerpt:

'Brendan O'Neill writes at Spiked about a sick miscarriage of justice in the U.K.:

There is something sinister in the Sally Challen story. The way in which this woman who battered her husband to death with a hammer has been turned into an iconic figure, virtually into a heroine of justice, leaves a sour taste. Her photograph has been sympathetically emblazoned on the front page of the Guardian. Labour MP Jess Phillips said she cried with joy when she heard the news a few months ago that Challen's murder conviction had been quashed. Many feminists are cheering yesterday's news that Challen won't face a retrial after the court accepted her manslaughter plea.
The "women are victims" ethos promoted by gender studies departments around the globe has consequences, and I think this is one of them: a world in which men can be victimized, by women, in the most horrible ways, without the punishment men would get if the tables were turned.'

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