UK: Students protest against anti-feminist group J4MB outside Mill Lane

Article here. Excerpt:

'Around 30 students linked arms outside Mill Lane lecture theatres earlier this evening, blocking members of anti-feminist group Justice for Men and Boys (J4MB) from entering the building through this main entrance. After the group entered through a back entrance, the activists regrouped with a variety of noise-making devices, seeking to disrupt the event.

The protest is currently ongoing, and growing as further student protesters arrive.

The student activists had previously intended to occupy the building, but, when they arrived, University security staff were already stationed within the building.

The protesters initially gathered shortly after five and remained until around six o’clock, when they left briefly before returning with pots, pans and other loud items, as well as a variety of protest signs.

Police were witnessed outside the site, along with further University security, and University proctors.

While blockading the lecture theatres, the activists sung a variety of protest chants, including “Say it once, say it again, no excuse for violent men” and “solidarity forever”, while members and supporters of J4MB looked on.'

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