Frigid Offices Might Be Killing Women’s Productivity

Article here. Excerpt:

'If “I told you so” had a sensation, it would be the sweet cocoon of an 80-degree workspace. For years, women have been saying that the AC is on too damn high. We’ve dragged not one but two sweaters to the office in the summer: one for our slowly numbing legs, and one for our shivering shoulders. Scientific studies have already shown that offices are set for men’s frostier preferred temperatures.

Now a new paper confirms what many of us have long suspected. Women don’t just prefer warmer office temperatures. They perform better in them, too.
Chang cautioned that more studies need to be conducted before anyone attempts to eliminate gender-based performance differences on standardized tests by tweaking the thermostat. But in the paper, he and Kajackaite write, “Our results suggest that in gender-balanced workplaces, temperatures should be set significantly higher than current standards.”'

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The latest form of patriarchal oppression is room temperatures set lower than perfectly optimal for the typical female in an evil conspiracy to make women look toopid by freezing their brains to make them flub up math and science.

That's it. It's the room temperatures. From time immemorial, women have literally been frozen out of their just due.

All over the world, if we just set offices 8 degrees warmer than they are now, we will finally have justice.

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Women can basically wear whatever they want in an office while men have to wear a suit, or at the very least a shirt and tie.

Perhaps women should lobby employers to relax the dress codes for men.

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Indeed, Tomodachi58. Men, who are already roasting in the full body garb they are forced to wear should just suffer even more for women's sake.

My God, gynocentrism truly is ubiquitous--although spell check seems to think it is not a real thing.

LOL @ Matt. I know, right? That implication is so ridiculous. Of course if that were the case, then why did men's performance not decrease the same amount when the temperatures were increased? This data actually seems to suggest that men are inherently more interested in math and tend to do better on tasks related to it on average.

This is yet another scenario where women have more control than men, yet blame men for everything. Reminds me of reproduction.

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